Huanggang Country Garden City Products
Moonlight Moonlight
Dongmen Lu

Residential apartment

Average price 7000 yuan / ㎡

Jiucheng Xintiandi Jiucheng Xintiandi
Huangzhou District

Residential shops

On the axis of Baitan Lake and Yi Ai Lake

Average price of one room and one room

United Investment International City United Investment International City
Huangzhou District

Residential shops

Average price of one room and one room

Tianshun city impression Tianshun city impression
Dongmen Lu

Residential shops other

North-south transparent, sit south

Average price 4300 yuan / ㎡

Moonlight Moonlight
7000 yuan / ㎡
School district room
Jiucheng Xintiandi Jiucheng Xintiandi
One room one price
On the axis of Baitan Lake and Yi Ai Lake
Tianshun city impression Tianshun city impression
4300 yuan / ㎡
North-south transparent, sit north to south
投资地产 Small Unit Investment Real Estate
East Gate Washington East Gate Washington
3480 yuan / ㎡
New and Old Town Dual Core Territory
Waterfront Residence Waterfront Residence
3600 yuan / ㎡
Huang Gang chief pure plate waterfront creative LOFT
East Lake International City East Lake International City
4000 yuan / ㎡
Marriage room
Lake County Jiayuan Lake County Jiayuan
3200 yuan / ㎡
Wushang Jingxiang House by the West Lake
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