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Huanggang Real Estate Network ( ) was founded in August 2008. After several years of development, it has become one of the most popular real estate online media in Huanggang, the most timely and timely listing information, and the most comprehensive real estate information. We will Make every effort to create a real estate home portal that is loved and most popular by consumers and industry professionals, covering multiple levels of information, including real estate markets at all levels. Become Huanggang's most trusted real estate network.

Huanggang Real Estate Network ( ) provides a series of online information services including new houses, second-hand houses, rental houses, villas, office buildings, shops, factories, experts' answers, real estate communities, etc., as well as the latest real estate information, policies and regulations, etc. Section.

Huanggang Real Estate Network ( ) focuses on distinguishing users interested in a specific field from other netizens, and attracts these users for a long time, thus providing a new platform for the real estate industry. As a pioneer, Huanggang Real Estate Network ( ) not only has advanced technical support, but also keeps moving forward. Huanggang Real Estate Network ( ) is positioned as Huanggang's authoritative real estate information exchange platform, with clear content classification, focusing on hot spots, and actively catering to the different needs of visitors. Strive to provide free services for everyone. Users can freely publish listing information, with a wealth of information and timely updates.

Today, "buying a house, renting a house, and searching for a house online" has become a daily behavior of buyers. Huanggang Real Estate Network ( ) has joined Yahoo, Google, Baidu, Sina, Sohu, 163 and other major domestic and foreign search engines, and ranks among the top search engines. At the same time, Huanggang Real Estate Network ( www.hgfc. cc ) has established partnerships with major sites, and advertises (Logo, Banner, floating, pop-ups, etc.) on each site. At the same time, it has also been widely publicized on many large and medium-sized websites such as GOOGLE, Baidu, Netease, In addition to strict requirements on itself, improving content and improving quality, Huanggang Real Estate Network ( ) has received the support and recognition of the majority of Internet users.

What services can Huanggang Real Estate Network provide?
1. Provide search services for classified information of real estate and related companies online for the majority of buyers.
2. Provide real estate information search services to the general public who are concerned about the development of real estate.
3. Tailor a powerful corporate website for real estate developers and related companies.
4. Provide professional brand and marketing planning for real estate developers.
5. Assist the publicity and promotion of real estate developers and related enterprises.
6. Assist in the promotion of real estate and related industry exhibitions.

Events of Huanggang Real Estate Network:
In August 2008, Huanggang Real Estate Network was officially opened;
In January 2013, the first upgrade and revision of Huanggang Real Estate Network was successful;
In February 2014, the Huanggang Real Estate Network Sub-station was officially opened;