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Use Agreement )为您提供的各项服务。 Welcome to use the services provided by Huanggang Real Estate Network ( ).
The terms and conditions described below constitute an agreement between you and Huanggang Real Estate Network on the use of the service. Once you register to use this website, you have accepted the terms and conditions described below. Huanggang Real Estate Network has the right to modify the following terms and conditions at any time, and only needs to publicize this website without obtaining your prior consent. The revised terms will take effect immediately upon announcement.
Your continued use of the Services after this Website modifies the Terms of Service shall be deemed as your acceptance of the revised Terms. (Hereinafter referred to as "this site" "this site" means "Huanggang Real Estate Network")
I. Content of the agreement
This agreement does not only refer to the content of this article. The relevant content in the relevant documents of this website that contains the words "rules", "terms", "agreement", "statement", and "notices" are all part of this agreement. The addition, modification, and deletion of the component parts are only announced on the homepage of this website, and will not be notified in other ways. Please stay tuned.
Second, the registration obligation
You must fill in your information truthfully, accurately, and completely according to the application form for registering a member; maintain and update the information in time to keep it true, accurate, complete, and reflect the current situation. If the information provided by you is untrue, accurate and complete or the website has reasonable reasons to suspect that the information is not true, accurate and complete, our website has the right to suspend or terminate your registration status and reject your use of the functions of this website.
Third, the registered name, password and confidentiality
During the registration process, you will choose your registration name and password. The choice of registered name shall comply with laws and regulations and social morality. You must keep your password confidential and you will be responsible for all activities that occur under your registered name and password. If you find anyone using your registered name and password without your consent, you must immediately notify this website; this website does not take any responsibility for the damage caused by this behavior.
4. Your rights and obligations
1. You have the right to publish number information and other services provided by this website in accordance with this agreement and the relevant rules announced on this website;
2. You should ensure that in using the services of this website, you must abide by laws and regulations, respect social morality, abide by the principle of good faith, and not disrupt the Internet order;
3. The relevant number information and remarks issued by you shall be true, and no rumors or mischief shall be made;
4. The number information you post must not infringe on the legitimate interests of others;
5. In the case that the original published information has not expired, you must not repeatedly publish the same or similar information as the content of the information;
6. You agree to receive emails or messages from this website or its partners.
7. If a third party files a complaint of infringement against the information posted to you, this website will handle it as follows:
If a third party files a complaint of information infringement, this website will immediately delete the complained number information temporarily. At the same time, this website will require you to file a counter-notification to this website within 3 days from the date of this notice. If you fail to provide a counter notification on time, this website will permanently delete the complaint number information;
V. Rights and obligations of this site
1. This website is obliged to maintain the normal operation of the entire platform on the existing technology, and strive to upgrade and improve the technology;
2. Due to the particularity of the online platform, this website is not obliged to conduct advance review of the registration information, behaviors and other matters of all members;
3. If members have litigated with others due to their behavior on this website, the judicial department or administrative department requires this website to provide relevant information in accordance with legal procedures, this website shall actively cooperate and provide;
4. Regarding your misconduct on this website or any situation that this website thinks the service should be terminated, this website has the right to delete information or terminate the service without obtaining your consent;
5. This website has the right to review your registration information and behavior on this website. If you find that there is a problem with the registration information or there are reasonable reasons to suspect that the related behavior is inappropriate, it has the right to send you an inquiry and request correction;
6. This website does not require your consent to transfer this agreement;
7. When you use the services of this website, this website has the right to receive and record your personal information, including but not limited to the IP address, the information in the website cookies, and the records of the web pages you request.
Six, you grant the permission to use the site
You grant this website a permanent, free, and complete license to use it (and the right to reauthorize it), giving this site the right to use, copy, modify, publish, translate, distribute your materials or make derivatives Works, incorporating your material into other works in any form, media, or technology known or developed in the future.