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    Country Garden-New City-Sunshine City-City

    Country Garden-New City-Sunshine City-City

    Address: [Huangzhou District] Intersection of Chibi First Road and Zhonghuan Road (Tongji Hospital ... view map

    Type: Residential Apartment

    学区房 Wedding Room School District Room
    7000 yuan / square meter
    0713-8390000 / 8888000
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    Huanghai Mansion

    Huanghai Mansion

    Address: [Huangzhou District] Intersection of Hubin Avenue and Dongchang Avenue, Huanggang City, Huangzhou District (... view map

    Type: Residential apartment, villa, commercial, residential building, others

    学区房 低总价 投资地产 Low-cost investment real estate in small-sized school districts
    10,000 yuan / square meter
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    Sublimation Emerald Mansion

    Sublimation Emerald Mansion

    Address: [Huangzhou District] View map at the intersection of Huangzhou Avenue and West Lake First Road

    Type: Residential Commercial Villa

    投资地产 Wedding House Investment Real Estate
    7200 yuan / square meter
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    Heyday city

    Heyday city

    Address: [Dongmen Road, Huangzhou District] No. 11 Xihu Third Road View Map

    Type: Residential Stores, Commercial Buildings, Others

    婚房 学区房 低总价 投资地产 城市豪宅 Small-sized wedding room
    4300 yuan / square meter
    0713-8551555, 8591888
  • Huanggang Evergrande Riverside Left Bank

    Huanggang Evergrande Riverside Left Bank

    Address: [Huangzhou District] South of No.2 Road, West of Nanhu Road

    Type: Residential Apartment Commercial Building Other

    婚房 学区房 投资地产 城市豪宅 Small-sized wedding room school district housing investment real estate city mansion
    To be determined
  • Eastern Airlines Capital City

    Eastern Airlines Capital City

    Address: [Wuxue City] View of the intersection of Wuxue Avenue and Mingzhu Road in Wuxue City

    Type: Residential

    婚房 学区房 城市豪宅 Small-sized wedding room school district housing city mansion
    5300 yuan / square meter
  • Jiahao New Harbor

    Jiahao New Harbor

    Address: [Huangzhou District] Intersection of Xingang Avenue and Central Ring Road (next to District 1 Middle) View map

    Type: Residential

    To be determined
    0713-8885088 / 5099
  • Jinke Home

    Jinke Home

    Address: [Dongmen Road, Huangzhou District] 91-5 Dongmen Road, Huangzhou District

    Type: Residential

    低总价 Small apartment with low total price
    3300 yuan / square meter
  • Huangzhou Yuji One

    Huangzhou Yuji One

    Address: [Huangzhou District] View map of the intersection of Huangzhou Avenue and Xihu First Road

    Type: Residential

    3300 yuan / square meter
  • West Lake Washington

    West Lake Washington

    Address: [East Gate Road, Huangzhou District] Opposite to Yiyi Lake Park, Chibi Avenue (next to the Municipal Education Bureau)

    Type: Residential Apartment

    School district room
    To be determined
    0713-8399999 / 8831111

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