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Huanggang Real's current housing market is divided, so many people can only stand in the distance to watch, but can not start, so is Huanggang . However, the attractiveness of real estate has not disappeared, and many investors are actively seeking other ways to invest in real estate , such as investing in apartments. However, to see if an apartment project is worth the investment, location and commercial facilities are the most important. Where exactly are the apartment products worth starting? The editor in the office "thought carefully" decided to go to the Greenland 6M Mansion in the core area of the city to find out.

集自住、出租、办公、投资于一体,小编第一时间进行了全面详细的了解,并获取房源的最新动态、交通、配套等方面的消息,下面将实探信息与大家做一个分享。 Greenland · 6M Mansion integrates self-living, renting, office, and investment. The editor has a comprehensive and detailed understanding at the first time, and gets the latest news on the listing, transportation, and supporting information. The following will explore the information and Everyone make a share.

Core location · Enjoy the bustling life of the city in private

There is a rule in the investment field, that is, location, which is the flow of people. Where the flow of people is, the wealth is there. The flow of people represents the flow of funds and wealth.

地处黄冈“浦东”规划核心生活圈,位于 Greenland · 6M Mansion is located in the core life circle of Huangpu's "Pudong" plan, located in ,与新老城区直接贯通,交通十分便捷。 The intersection of the expressway Tinghu Avenue and Hope Avenue is directly connected to the old and new urban areas, and the traffic is very convenient.

向北去往黄冈国际机场,向西环城高架、火车站、汽车客运总站及规划中的城际高铁站,车程时间均能控制在10分钟以内,是黄冈的交通窗口,地段优势卓越。 From Greenland · 6M Mansion to the north to Huanggang International Airport, to the West Ring Road Elevator, Railway Station, Bus Terminal and the planned Intercity High-speed Rail Station, the driving time can be controlled within 10 minutes. Excellent location.In particular, the construction of the third phase of the Chengdong Elevated Highway has begun-the East Ring Road Elevated Highway . ,高架就在家门口,坐享最便捷的交通与最丰富的资源! Choose Greenland · 6M Mansion , the elevated doorway is at your doorstep, and enjoy the most convenient transportation and richest resources!

The superior transportation has created great convenience for customers to visit. The huge passenger flow brings great consumer business opportunities for the project. There is no traffic, no business, no popularity, no business, and shoulder-to-shoulder bustling, bringing popularity and wealth.

Mellow Packages · Open the perfect life

黄冈工学院、黄冈师范学院与项目咫尺环绕。 Greenland · 6M Mansion is surrounded by famous schools, Jiefang Road Experimental School and its affiliated kindergarten, Jingshan Middle School and High School, Huanggang Institute of Technology, Huanggang Normal College, and the project are just a stone's throw away. The project comes with a large shopping center-Greenland Metropolis, Greenland Borderland, and Greenland Fourth Street. It is also close to Ruixuan Wealth Plaza, Pioneer Outlets Plaza, and Tinghu District People's Hospital. Good living facilities make living easier.

周边青年公园、东亭湖公园、大洋湾公园环绕,良好的生态环境让这里成为宜居之地,生活在这样的环境里,拥抱健康生活不再是奢望! Greenland · 6M Mansion is surrounded by youth parks, Dongting Lake Park and Dayang Bay Park. The good ecological environment makes it a livable place. Living in such an environment and embracing a healthy life are no longer a luxury!

Changeable space · Shangyi Investment

绿地·6M公馆 LOFT创意办公挑战的是传统的办公空间,这种创意模式集合了办公、商务及休闲立体需求; From a functional perspective, Greenfield · 6M Mansion LOFT Creative Office challenges traditional office space. This creative model combines the three-dimensional needs of office, business and leisure;

这种空间是比较时尚、新锐的代表,这在目前同质化倾向严重的黄冈市场,是一个具有强大潜力的发展模式。 From a personal point of view, this space is a relatively fashionable and cutting-edge representative, which is a development model with strong potential in the current Huanggang market, where homogeneity tends to be serious. Because it represents the most fashionable lifestyle, full of young people's longing for personality and freedom;

6米/4.5米的层高,超高得房率,企业可以购入一层,实得两层,空间自由灵动,办公环境多变,性价比不言而喻,远比普通住宅以及普通公寓更具优势; In terms of cost-effectiveness, the 6-meter / 4.5-meter floor height and high housing yield allow companies to purchase one floor, two floors, free and flexible space, flexible office environment, and cost-effectiveness, which is far better than ordinary Residential and ordinary apartments have more advantages;

在投资的租赁市场上,LOFT往往也比普通商务公寓租金更高,一般都维持在1.5倍以上。 From the perspective of return on investment , in the investment leasing market, LOFT tends to be higher than ordinary commercial apartment rents, which are generally maintained at more than 1.5 times. Moreover, with the restrictions of the planning department, LOFT will also become less and less in the market. LOFT is becoming a strong listing in the property market due to its high yield and market scarcity;

不论是生活还是商务配套, 绿地·6M公馆 LOFT都完胜传统写字楼。 In terms of supporting facilities, Greenland · 6M Mansion LOFT is better than traditional office buildings in both living and business facilities. 都是最佳的选择! The property of LOFT is suitable for business, living and investment. It is quite popular and can meet the different needs of the market. Whether it is single home purchase, newly married transition or investment value-added, Greenland · 6M Mansion is the best choice!

LOFT公寓除了价钱,什么都是双份。 All in all, except for the price, Greenland · 6M Mansion LOFT Apartment is double.[First floor price] = double area + double space + double rent + double return on investment .

Ultra-low total price Huanghuang people first choice

迅速俘获了一批购房者的心。 As the price of the residential market rises and rises, more and more people feel the pressure to buy a house. At this time, the low-threshold, low total price, and high-value green land 6M mansion quickly captured the hearts of a group of buyers. If you are a young person with a dream of starting a business, you can completely use the first floor as an office, the second floor as a house, and a dual-use house. This not only solves the housing problem, but also eliminates the rent of office space. A fee is very cost-effective. Even if you leave the apartment successfully in the future, you can easily rent or sell it as a commercial house.

Open by appointment

At present, Greenland · 6M Mansion is in hot spot. It is expected that 58-85 square meters of double-storey loft apartment products will be launched in the near future. For details, please go to the project center for consultation.

绿地·6M公馆,全城认筹! Sales dynamics: Greenland · 6M Mansion, Citywide! A "wonderful layering" of life, six meters enjoy "upper and lower"! 58 flats-85 flats double-storey apartments, suitable for living, business and investment!

亭湖大道(青年路东延)与希望大道交汇处(向东200米) Project address: Intersection of Tinghu Avenue (east extension of Qingnian Road) and Hope Avenue (200 meters east)

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