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Say goodbye to confusion and idleness this semester, and don't regret it until the end of the semester. Don't stay up late, find your own learning method, and get a scholarship!
At the beginning of the new semester, Xiaojia has prepared a list of plans for everyone. Let's take a look at these things that are worth checking in in the new semester.
语文必修 01 Chinese Compulsory
Project large enclosed layout
3 万方中央园林 Created a 30,000 square central garden
60 超宽间距 East-west up to 60 meters wide pitch
200 间距、户户观景 The largest distance of 200 meters from north to south
Extra-wide building space, enjoy a wide range of life
数学必修 02 Math Required
One axis: central main axis
Area: Municipal Green Belt
Four gardens: plum garden, cherry blossom garden, children's playground, sports garden
Twelve scenes: Yingbin Square, Yingbin Avenue, Sunny Lawn, etc.
Wanfang Garden Landscape, Enjoy Green Life
英语必修 03 English required
Star Brand Property Services
Experience meticulous human care
万方五进礼序领先规划 210,000 Fifth Progressive Leading Planning
Quality property management makes you feel right at home
Here are the big events, pay close attention
7 11# 楼剩余房源紧急加推 Urgent promotion of the remaining listings on the 11th floor on September 7
The following surprises are waiting for you to get soft
Any customers who subscribe on the day of the event
Can receive a box of brand moon cakes
All visiting customers can receive raffle tickets and participate in sweepstakes by registering and scanning
All visiting customers can enjoy free tasting,
Fresh moon cakes and drinks of all tastes
Beautiful park house, invite you to taste


     · 新港湾,位于黄冈城市发展核心片区 --- 城北新区;项目毗邻黄州区一中,总体量约 21 万方,社区采用围合式布局,南北最大 200 的楼间距;能完美的满足房间对采光及通风需求;项目户型从 107 ㎡到 227 ㎡,宽境三房、奢阔四房能满足各年龄段人群居住需求; 3 万方的私家园林景观让你不出小区就可以体验公园式的美景四季如春。 Jiahao · Xingang Bay is located in the core area of Huanggang Urban Development- Chengbei New District; the project is adjacent to Huangzhou District No. 1 Middle School , with a total volume of approximately 210,000 cubic meters . Meet the room's lighting and ventilation needs; the size of the project ranges from 107 ㎡ to 227 ㎡, and the three-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments can meet the living needs of people of all ages; the private garden landscape of 30,000 square meters allows you to experience The park-like beauty is like spring in all seasons.

· 新港湾目前已开盘,约 107 -227 ㎡精品户型火爆销售中; Jiahao · Xingang Bay has now opened, and about 107 -227 ㎡ boutique units are on sale.
8885088|5099 Harbour Hotline: 8885088 | 5099
Project address: Intersection of Central Ring Road and Xingang Avenue (next to District 1 Middle)

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