Huanggang Huangzhou District People's Hospital's Laboratory Department actively responds to flu peaks

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Huanggang New Window Network (correspondent Zhang Linjing and Deng Zhuoyuan) Since the beginning of winter, the temperature has fluctuated and the flu is raging. The emergency department of pediatrics and respiratory department of Huangzhou District People's Hospital has increased in number of blowouts, and the number of patients has been increasing.


In order to ensure that each patient obtains accurate and accurate examination results quickly, the hospital inspection department starts the emergency subsidy as soon as possible, and actively responds to overtime work. Not only increases the night shift to the post, but also flexibly arranges the rest time. When there are many patients, all staff are postponed. jobs.

Most of the patients who come to check up are children who go to kindergarten or elementary school. Some children are afraid of pain and discomfort. The staff is always patient and comfortable, trying to find ways to distract the child's attention and improve work efficiency. Due to the large increase in fever patients, more than 15 specimens need to be checked every 10 minutes. The staff of the inspection department unites and cooperates. The blood collection window is understaffed. Comrades in the biochemical room actively help the night shift of blood collection. The comrades in the immunization department undertake the heavy duty of night shift.


Huang Lijun, director of the examination department, emphasized that "even if there are more patients, the quality of work must be guaranteed." The inspection team's attitude towards high-quality and efficient response to flu peaks was highly praised by colleagues and patients.

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