[Huiyang Building Review] Freshwater North Just Needed Schools Small Cap Jinyuan Huafu 9400 Yuan / ㎡ For Sale

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Along the Sanhe Economic Development Zone and Ye Ting Street on the north side of Huiyang Danshui, there are a few "lowland" housing prices in the Huiwan area. At present, the prices of newly built houses in this area are generally around 0.9-11,000 yuan / m2. Driven by the economy of the Economic Development Zone, the influence of educational groups such as the Tamsui Riverside Landscape Resources and Chongya Experimental School has increased the number of new projects in the past two years, and there has been a development trend. This time Lao Niu introduced the Jinyuan Huafu project in Sanhe Economic Development Zone where sales just need a small plate. The average registered price is 9400 yuan / 劵, and the unit size is 74㎡ and 93㎡.

[Project area]

Jinyuan Huafu is located in Tianyang Road, Sanyang Economic Development Zone, the east bank of Danshui River, the east side of the high school of Chongya Experimental Middle School, and between Yeting Avenue and Hehui Expressway. This location is on the north side of Huiyang Danshui. There is only a few hundred meters distance between Yeting Street and Huida Expressway between Huicheng District and the main cities of Huiyang.

The northern part of the freshwater where the project is located is the main street area, which is a typical price depression area. In the past two years, some buildings have entered the market one after another, and the occupational heat has gradually increased. Previously, there were few other projects besides the local ivy, Zhenye City, and Country Garden River City on both sides of Huinan Street in northern Huiyang. In the two years of the year, with the launch of projects such as Dulwich Garden City, Longguang and Longshan, Zhongzhou Park City, Sunac Lizhangtai, local hibiscus elegant building, and Xinli Fawan, the area became a new product that needed to be sold. The area can be said to be the most concentrated commercial residential area in Ye Ting Street.

[Traffic related]

The project is located on Tianxing Road, Huiyang (Sanhe) Economic Development Zone. The east side crosses the bridge from Sanhe Street on the north side of the project near the Huida Expressway, about 1 km north, and can reach the government of Sanhe Development Zone and 200 meters in front of Sanhe Square. It can reach Sanhe International Garden City and China Resources Wanjia Department Store project on the south west side of Hexing Road to connect the Huida Expressway and Ye Ting Street. It can go to the south-facing Huiyang Danshui Central District and the north-facing Huicheng District, or along the river. , Arrived at the main industrial park of Huiyang Economic Development Zone.

【Project Plan】

The project covers an area of 4,502 square meters, with a total construction area of about 21,000 square meters, a floor area ratio of 3.5, and a greening rate of 29%. The entire building consists of a high-rise residence and a second-floor commercial skirt, with a total of 178 houses.

The status quo of the surrounding zoning of the project is based on relevant regulatory planning, focusing on the nature of land such as commercial residential areas, indigenous residential areas, and industrial areas. It is more convenient to cooperate with Tamsui River resources and Sanhe District municipalities that have more residential zoning around the project. With the advantages of transportation inside and outside the area, this place will become a more comfortable residential area in the future.

【Project Team】

The commercial and leisure combinations around the project mainly rely on the northern side of Yuhe Road and the area of Sanhe International Garden City, such as Sanhe International Garden City Commercial Pedestrian Street, China Resources Vanguard, Phoenix Commercial Center, Huiyang Sanhe Hospital Sun City Branch, Sanhe And squares.

The set of education around the project is especially valuable for the advanced part of Chongya Experimental School on the east bank of Danshui River. Chongya School is the Northern Expeditionary General Ye Ting, the alma mater of Deng Yanda, a pioneer of the National Revolution, and is known as the "cradle of the Dongjiang Revolution". It is also a famous institution in the Daya Bay area of Huiyang. Educational resources such as Sanhe Experimental School, Sanhe Central Kindergarten, and Sanhe Development Zone Central Primary School are also gathered near Chongya School.

[Unit evaluation]

The products on the upper floors of the project are all six households on the second floor, with three 74 square meters two rooms and one 93 square meter three rooms.

a unit, 74 square meters, 2 bedrooms, 2 living rooms and 1 bathroom

Located on the northeast end of the building, it has two sides of daylight. The guesthouse faces northeast, and the main balcony on the north side is a corner style. The river outdoor space that can get more views is divided into two areas. The bedroom area is two bedrooms with limited space and one room is a corner window. In short, these two houses are more compact.

Type b: 74㎡2 rooms, 2 halls, 1 bathroom

Unit b is located at the northwest end of the building, and the structure distribution of unit a is basically the same. The only difference is that there are windows in the corners of the bedrooms in unit a, and there are windows in one side of the unit.

c apartment type: 74 square meters 2 rooms 2 halls 1 bathroom

The c-unit is located in the center of the south side of the building, and can only get the south-facing lighting and vision. This apartment is a typical structure of two rooms in the vertical hall. The first bedroom is the kitchen, dining room, living room and the bedroom area of the main balcony. The two bedrooms are located in the north and south, only have small windows, and only have south facing lighting and outlook.

d size: 93㎡3 bedrooms 2 halls 2 bathrooms

The d unit is located at the two ends of the south side of the building, which is the best position for double-sided lighting and outlook. This unit is also a typical three-bedroom structure with vertical movements. The three-bedroom bedrooms can get better daylighting, of which the two-bedroom bedrooms face south. There are no hidden high-rises nearby, and the view is good.

[Developer Profile]

The project developer Guangdong Jinsheng Investment Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, formerly known as Huizhou Jinyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. After more than ten years of development, Jinsheng Group currently has hundreds of millions of assets, and has formed an integrated comprehensive modern enterprise of real estate development, typical operations, project investment, real estate leasing management, material recovery, medical clinics, and schools. Since its establishment, Jinsheng Group has developed "Jinyuan International" apartments in the central area of Jiangbei CBD in Huicheng District, Huizhou City, and "People's Livelihood Plaza" beside the Huiyang District Government. Jinsheng Group is also developing and building Jiahao Yayuan senior community opposite Jiangbei Station on Huizhou Avenue.

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