HK $ 3.649 billion for first lead in Sydney to acquire Blackstone's commercial properties

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Report: On December 19, an announcement issued by the Real Estate Investment Trust revealed that the company will purchase a 10-storey commercial building in Sydney's Central Business District from a fund of 683 million Australian dollars (about 3.649 billion Hong Kong dollars) managed by Blackstone.

According to the Viewpoint Real Estate New Media report, the target real estate is 100 Market Street, a 10-storey commercial office building located at 100 Market Street, which is located in a mixed-use development in the Sydney CBD of Australia. The real estate lease period is from June 27, 2019 to June 26, 2318, which is 299 years.

According to the announcement, the total commercial rentable area of the above commercial office building is about 28,400 square meters. All three existing tenants are leasing, including real estate investors listed by S & P / ASX100, federal government agencies, and black sovereign property funds. On December 16, 2019, the weighted average lease term for the commercial office building mentioned above was 8.45 years, with the lease term expiring from 2027 to 2030. The current monthly net profit is approximately A $ 26.7 million.

According to the appraisal report of the main assessor, on December 16, 2019, the evaluation of the above commercial office building was A $ 683 million, which is equal to the negotiated real estate value. Upon completion of the transaction, the tie show (through special investment vehicles) became the sole owner of the office building.

The consular side said the acquisition helped to demonstrate the diversity of the region in which the portfolio is located. This merger is the first merger outside Hong Kong and China. Mergers and acquisitions are in line with the leadership of current investment strategies, which can increase income and generate income, and invest in real estate with long-term growth potential.

After the transaction, the above commercial office building was launched as a long-term investment, expanding the scope of business to cover the Australian market, and promoting the growth of real estate unions. By acquiring high-quality assets, improving and diversifying the real estate portfolio, management manpower strives to achieve sustainable returns for fund company holders in the long run.

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