Huanggang is closed! The third phase of the Huangzhou social sports instructor hand drum training class in 2019

2019-12-20 Source: Huanggang Real Estate Network Views: 96

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Huanggang New Window Network (correspondent Huang Hu) was successfully completed on December 16th by the Huanggang City Sports Development Center and the Huangzhou District Culture and Tourism Bureau's third class two social sports instructor training course.

This training was attended by 240 social sports leaders from townships, communities, and associations in Huangzhou District. The training course hired the director of the Yangke (drum) professional department of the Community Center of the State Sports General Administration and applauded the founder, Professor Zheng Jie of Xiamen University. National Social Center applauded Zhang Lei, a b-level coach.

During the training, the teachers repeatedly demonstrated each movement in a demonstration, so that everyone could truly grasp the essentials of the movement. Everyone was enthusiastic about learning and the learning process was easy. During the learning process, they actively discussed with the classroom teachers and formed a good Communication atmosphere. At the graduation ceremony, the students passed this training course with rich content, wonderful classrooms, strong learning atmosphere, and thoughtful logistics services. Through this training, they implemented the national fitness national strategy, continuously improved fitness awareness, actively participated in fitness activities, and in-depth Implementing health and exercise concepts

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