Difficult to attract investment? Let's take a look at how this custom furniture factory staged fission-like investment in less than half a month.

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▼ What investment methods are more suitable for you? ▼ ↓↓↓ View the full text to help you attract good businessmen, strong businessmen, and solid businessmen! For home building materials companies, the importance of business investment is undoubted. The success or failure of investment promotion largely determines the success or failure of an enterprise! How to achieve efficient investment promotion, improve the work efficiency of the investment promotion team, and improve the conversion rate of data information is a problem that many business owners worry about. "In recent years, manufacturers and distributors have clearly felt severe industry pressure. At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, there will definitely be more manufacturers competing for the dealer market, and the competition will become more intense. And downstream dealers are in this situation. In the current situation, it is definitely more cautious about joining, and it is becoming more and more difficult to attract investment! ”——A boss who has been doing flooring for more than 20 years, the industry situation is so severe, the difficulty of attracting investment has become a major problem that building materials and home factories have to face. . I believe that today's building materials and home furnishing factories are all confused: How to organize an investment promotion activity to attract many dealers to cooperate? How to quickly and easily save money and effort to attract good merchants? How to maintain long-term interaction with dealers while attracting investment? Do not run business later, more solid business, but also rich business? How to form a solid dealer channel resource pipe network during the investment promotion process, while expanding the popularity of the factory, can also store more high-quality dealers ... factory boss worry, investment manager Anxious, business people run a broken leg, the effect is not necessarily good! However, there is such a whole house custom factory, less than half a month, even broke 3 cities! Successively settled in Guizhou Zunyi, Shaanxi Fufeng, Sichuan Yuechi! Not only achieve precision Quick investment, and also has a lot of city dealers' resource library, while the investment is attracted, the solid merchants are more wealthy! ▲ The whole house furniture customization expert-Yiwei Jianyi passed the Jiuzheng digital fission investment less than half a month, even breaking the three cities !! Ivy Kanyi has customized such a house with such high efficiency and such a good effect, do you also want to have it? What tools, channels, and models does Yiwei Jianyi use? Landing implementation to achieve fast and accurate investment promotion? ▼▼▼▼▼ Jiuzheng Building Material Network assists Yiwei Jianyi Factory, online and offline fission investment, use Jiuzheng investment treasure, attract good business, attract strong business, and solid merchants are more wealthy! That ’s it! Cattle! Cattle! Online investment is more efficient. With the changes of the times, especially the increasing use of the Internet / mobile Internet, innovation and personalization have become the trend of the times. Only by changing can we attract more dealer resources and gain more consumers' favor! Ivy Jianyi whole house customization knows this. To this end, for the new market environment, Lianhe Jiuzheng has opened a new digital fission. New investment model. Using the big platform credit endorsement to make the brand more credible. In addition to upgrading the original factory official website, Lianhe Jiuzheng Building Materials Network and its various sites conduct wide-spread investment promotion, and use Jiuzheng Building Materials Website. Over 300,000 daily visits and millions of data flows from dealers and buyers for brand promotion! The 19-year industry professional big platform credit endorsement makes the investment more influential! The industry's precise average daily traffic exceeds 400,000 , Baidu has recorded more than 12 million entries; ▲ Yiwei Jianyi attaches great importance to keyword search with extensive platform credit endorsement, and has a wide range of drainage. Gao Jiuzheng has nearly 100,000 industry keywords appearing on the homepage of Baidu. After Jiuzheng reached the cooperation for investment promotion, Jiuzheng immediately customized the exclusive keywords for Yiwei Jianyi. With the help of Baidu, Sogou, 360 and other search engines, it drove the drainage of the brand, amplifying the value of the brand, and making the investment return higher! ▲ Yiwei Jianyi key Word promotion ▲ Scan the code to view Jiuzheng's Baidu keyword ranking with the help of an exclusive investment website with fission-type communication efficiency. In the preparation of investment promotion, Jiuzheng For the exclusive investment website based on the powerful platform of Jiuzheng Merchants, to generate Ewe Jane ’s customized version of removable electronic shelves and picture albums, which can achieve social fissile dissemination, and can quickly capture customer information and access information through various channels. , Who saw it, what products they were interested in, what they were interested in, how to contact them, etc. at a glance, and immediately fed back to the factory to make investment promotion more efficient! ▲ Scan the code to enter the exclusive investment website of Yiwei Jianyi to focus on community promotion and use Million industry community investment promotion docking accurately and efficiently completes the pre-construction of website construction and keywords and other promotional content. Jiuzheng, through its hundreds of industry communities, conducts extensive research on the latest products, investment policies and preferential joining content of Yiwei Jianyi Factory Publicity, tens of thousands of people in the industry, provide community resources for Yiwei Jianyi, quickly achieve brand coverage and dissemination to local precision merchants, and attract more accurate and effective investment matching! ▲ Yiwei Jianyi uses hundreds of precision industry groups to accurately Push 100,000+ investment brokers to help brands quickly open regional dealer resource networks In addition to Jiuzheng Merchants Exclusive investment website The quasi-feedback method helps Yiwei Jianyi to attract investment, and there are more than 100,000 Jiuzheng investment brokers teams, helping Yiwei Jianyi to introduce investment at a low cost nationwide, opening up the industry's network of contacts, and making investment better and cheaper! ▲ Yiwei Jianyi Merchants Brokers bounty rewards recommended with high rewards to help attract investment ▲ Jiuzheng Merchants joined the butler 24-hour service to provide Yiwei Jianyi with real-time investment data tracking effect feedback to make the brand more live-streaming and video-based publicity Vivid In today's live video dividends are helping to boost marketing, Yiwei Jianyi knows the importance and key of using video to disseminate brands. After reaching cooperation with Jiuzheng, United Jiuzheng has carried out investment promotion for many times. A full range of factory live broadcast propaganda, which will show the factory's field size, technology research and development, and the team to the equipment production workshop one by one, and also broadcast live activities of the factory, etc., to make the factory image more vivid and closer to the dealer Make joining easier and faster! rame f rameborder = "0" width = "640" height = "408" src = " rame / player.html? vid = h3040rpp9qp" allowfullscreen> rame>] ▲ Yiwei Jianyi ’s full-scale factory live broadcast gives you a different field experience. ▲ Yiwei Jianyi ’s online live broadcast interviews and publicity make the brand ’s image more vivid. Offline investment promotion. Channels are more accurate. Pay more attention to offline investment promotion. Yiweijian has repeatedly participated in the dealer conferences organized by Jiuxi in Chuxiong, Xi'an, Dazhou, Nanchong and other provincial capitals across the country, as well as third- and fourth-tier cities, and quickly took the meeting express to establish an image and realize the blank area investment. Can help existing distributors to achieve brand promotion and help local distributors find more alliance partners! ▲ Yiwei Jianyi follows the participation in the nine provinces of Chuxiong, Xi'an, Dazhou, Nanchong and other provinces and cities in China The booths of the roving conference booths gathered around the scene, while consulting continuously focused on attracting investment and solid business in various provincial capital cities and third- and fourth-tier cities in the country, Yiwei Jianyi also cooperated with Jiuzheng to enter major domestic exhibitions, whether through on-site exhibitions It is also the distribution of promotional albums of factories in the exhibition, etc., many parties contacted exhibitors, distributors, and buyers to accurately promote drainage and expand brand influence! ▲ Yiwei Jianyi Exhibition Newsletter ▲ Yiwei Jianyi Investment Newspaper ▲ Yiwei Jianyi Investment Poster · Yiweijian join hands with Jiuzheng · Investment, solid business, and richer businessmen! After cooperating with Jiuzheng, not only the rapid promotion, the precise investment promotion of, At the same time, it can also provide dealers with more opportunities to make money and cooperate! For example, it can also obtain Ewe Jianyi and Jiuzheng to provide digital nuclear marketing weapons for cooperative dealers—Jikebao tools, which give both good products and new The tool also gives a new marketing model to help dealer stores quickly and accurately acquire customers, promote order transactions, and increase orders by at least 3 times! ▲ Scanning code experience digital marketing nuclear weapon Jikebao tools quickly and accurately attract customers and promote orders in this industry transformation period , Yiwei Jianyi Whole House Customization can achieve good results in three cities in a short period of time. It not only attaches importance to the development of the industry with the factory itself, but also uses various methods to cooperate with each other to promote investment promotion. The new digital fission-type investment model introduced by Zhengzheng Building Material Network and Jiuzheng Technology (Group) is inseparable, and it is the inevitable result of using Jiuzheng Merchants Bao's new investment model and participating in roving investment conferences to promote accurate investment! Whole House Customization In the future, Jiuzheng will also continue to work with Yiwei Jianyi to promote the establishment of a national dealer team, helping Yiwei Jianyi to attract good business and attract strong businessmen. Solid merchants are more wealthy! Let more consumers know Ewe Jane I, believe Ewe Jane I! Ewe Jane I and Jiuzheng have achieved online and offline fission investment, which has really achieved precise investment, attracting good business, and attracting strong business , Recruiting sustainable business! Yiwei Jianyi-an expert in furniture customization for the whole house, which not only gives distributors a good product but also a good tool for marketing! Joining is the first choice, high quality and more reliable! Nowadays, including Yiwei Jianyi Such as Voskar doors and windows, Brelley, Yazhixuan doors and windows, Badisi Seiko top wall, fashion home furnishings, Haichang paint, Sofia wardrobe, Haishun water paint, platinum flying doors and windows, TAG Heuer home, Curia home, Promeyin Furniture, Real Masque, Diam Home, Bighorn Deer, Huaxiajie, 100V House Customized, Meper Doors and Windows, Fania Home, Herman Home, Sandalwood Door, Erica Home Furnishing, Debao Wood Industry, Tailai Wood Industry, Conway Flooring, Yilong Wooden Doors, Sanshan Flooring, Zhiqi Silicon Crystal Porcelain, Sakura Overall Kitchen and Bathroom, Runhe Doors and Windows, Qianchuan Wooden Doors, Haishun Water-based Paint, Cassie Bathroom , Sigma wooden door, whole livable whole house, Zhentan bamboo bamboo wall , Master Lu Ban, Xin Hongji Flooring, doho European import whole house customization and other brands have reached a strategic cooperation with Jiuzheng, the introduction of a new digital fission investment model, fast and accurate investment, solid business more wealthy! ▲ cooperation with Jiuzheng investment brand Highlights (part) Why are more and more factories choosing to cooperate with Jiuzheng to achieve digital fission investment? The advantages and disadvantages of traditional investment methods Jiuzheng Building Material Network is a platform focused on providing new retail + investment solutions for traditional building materials and home furnishing companies With the advantages of its resources and experience in the industry for nearly 20 years, it has launched the "Jiuzheng Merchants". Integrate the eight channels to help you attract higher investment quality, faster speed, and more lasting effects; meanwhile, innovate the model and rely on digital marketing upgrades to find customers to find orders, easily realize investment promotion, business support and wealthy business, and improve the adhesion of manufacturers and distributors! 9 It has more than 1.5 million registered members, more than 1 million dealer data, more than 1,000 new intentional agents per week, more than 400,000 accurate daily average industry traffic, more than 80% of national mainstream exhibition cooperation, and more than 10 million entries in Baidu; Key building materials The market cooperation exceeds 60% ... With the cooperation of Jiuzheng, Jiuzheng can help the factory: √ Wide-angle radiation to connect with precise dealer resources in various regions of the country; √ Online and offline omni-channel publicity and promotion, allowing factories and dealers to communicate face-to-face; √ Accepted The invited participants are the most knowledgeable and economically capable, and they or their friends will be the most direct purchasers of the brand products; √ Help the brand carry out story-based marketing and help the brand to further increase the local popularity; √ Meeting On-site platforms can help brands build a resource circle for local dealers and enhance brand influence; √ Promote products locally , To help dealers build a resource pipeline network and take a single channel, it is not easy for dealers to give up the brand; √ There are no distributors in the local area, and more on-site precision dealers and pick-up dealers will be available to attend the meeting; √ Jiuzheng will pass The investment promotion conference serves as the entry point to digitally transform and upgrade brand factories; √ Jiuzheng's unique offline investment summit + online smart business cards, China Merchants, etc. will bring a full range of investment services to brand factories; √ On-site dealers That is, the communicator, combined with the digital tools provided by Jiuzheng for brand factories, forms recognition and recognition through offline investment conferences, so as to achieve the purpose of fission-type investment for brand factories; √ At the same time, it can also conduct digital marketing training for dealers Let distributors' marketing thinking be in line with factory marketing thinking, use digital marketing nuclear weapons to arm their own stores, and increase store sales; √ Use experience-oriented results-based payment to open more cooperation opportunities for brand factories; √ Jiuzheng will also cooperate with major businesses Cooperation between associations and stores, and cooperation with Jiuzheng, can directly dock the source dealer resources, but also dock more upstream and downstream cooperation enterprise. At the same time of investment, more wealthy merchants, rich merchants are more helpful to enhance the stickiness between factories and dealers! Helping dealers, as well as helping brand factories themselves !! The key is !!! Cooperation with Jiuzheng has 3 major guarantees! √ Distribution The number of dealers is guaranteed: guarantee the high accuracy of the dealers, the number is large, and the area involved is wide! √ Brand promotion is guaranteed: In addition to the promotion of Jiuzheng platforms, you can also follow Jiuzheng to participate in the national tour conference and make appearances through the venue. Fission-like propaganda such as videos, newspapers, display racks, WeChat community, etc., has achieved more than 100 times promotion and dissemination. The precise dealer groups invited are all accurate audiences! √ On-site results are guaranteed: find precise intentional customers for cooperative brands, no risk, Full transparency and results! Cooperative factory feedback: "Jiuzheng not only helped us solve the problem of attracting investment, but also how to attract merchants to help customers acquire customers and survive. We promoted our brand online, advertised and promoted it! Three arrows with arrows! In just three months, we recruited 13 companies, and the effect is very good! "-Hua Qiujie, the top of the wall, Qiu" We know about Jiu in September last year or so Jiuzheng not only provides us with a good platform, but also provides good tools. Let us understand how the retail industry will do in the future and how to make dealers profit quickly. Previously, we did not know how to attract investment and raise businesses. Jiuzheng not only provided accurate information It also helped us to cultivate an investment promotion team, allowing the team to quickly enter the investment promotion stage and successfully attract 28 investment companies! "— Nanjing Voska System Doors and Windows Dai Dai," A new model of online and offline investment promotion, not only allows us online and offline Directly contacting friends from dealers in various places, there are more opportunities to showcase our brand, and also to participate in on-site meetings to communicate with you and find more partners! "——After the cooperation with Jiuzheng , Not only let us understand the new digital marketing model, find a new customer acquisition promotion method. Moreover, Jiuzheng's Jikebao and Merchants treasure tools are very suitable for the development of our factory. Next, we will apply these to our sales and Going to attract investment and helping our dealers also move, using new tools and new models to obtain customers to find orders, which is a great deal for us and our dealers. For sure, the effect is good! "—— Mr. Yin from Sichuan Meipo Doors and Windows rame f rameborder = "0" width = "640" height = "408" src = " rame / player.html? vid = q3018q6gbk5" allowfullscreen> rame>】 Attract investment, find Jiuzheng, faster, better and stronger, reliable! Strong online extension offline 2020 Jiuzheng will continue to penetrate nearly 50 second- and third-tier cities across the country. Nearly 100 dealer conferences throughout the year are The best platform for brand promotion and fast investment! Do you want to use such a powerful and easy-to-use digital fission-type new investment model? Long press to identify the following QR code
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