Jiuzheng China Merchants 100 City Tour 丨 A meeting penetrated the hinterland of Qinling Mountains, and nearly 200 dealers broke through in the winter to start a new twist!

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Meet Shanghai Gongxiang on March 24-26, 2020, and see it happen! Subvert the traditional building materials and home furnishing industry channel model, break the barriers to single-product sales and make money, and achieve fast fission marketing. Ruthless! Let you defeat your competitors and win 2020! Jiuzheng China Merchants 100 City National Tour-Shaanxi Hanzhong Station Conference Site December 24, hosted by China Construction Expo, hosted by Jiuzheng Building Materials Network, Jiayuan, Hanzhong, Shaanxi "China Construction Expo (Shanghai) Promotion Conference and Digital Marketing of Building Materials and Home Furnishing Industry" co-organized by Building Materials City, Hanzhong Yifeng International Trade City, Shaanxi Hanzhongxia Decoration City, Sichuan Building Materials Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce, Nanjing Moving Door Industry Association, etc. Forum | Recommended Tour Exhibition of Building Materials and Home Furnishing Brands "was successfully held in Hanzhong Jinlong Hotel. China Construction Expo (Shanghai) Promotion and Building Materials Household Industry Marketing Digital Upgrade Forum Building Materials Household Brands Recommended Tour Exhibition (Hanzhong Station) This meeting has been customized by Real Madrid, whole house by Ewejian, and by TAG Heuer. , Haoge whole house customization and other brands. Point your mind at the moment Business practices are accelerating and market play is accelerating. The overall growth rate of the building materials and home furnishing industry has slowed down, and traditional channels face serious challenges. The building materials and home furnishing industry is constantly changing and developing. The best way for us to understand the industry is through a comprehensive understanding of the exhibition. As the weathervane of the building materials and home furnishing industry, China Construction Expo is also continuously leading the direction of the entire industry. Representatives from China Construction Expo (Shanghai) shared the theme of 2020 China Construction Expo (Shanghai), allowing participating dealers to understand the new situation and new trends of the industry in advance, helping everyone better find the industry vent, and let 2020 Business is better! The representative of China Construction Expo (Shanghai) came to the stage to introduce "Whether it is inaction or transformation at will? What is the way out for building materials and home furnishing companies? How can the transformation counterattack the breakout?" In response to the above, the Deputy Director of Jiuzheng Business School Dean and National Information Engineer Mr. Liu brought the theme of "digital living era, where the store sales increase comes from", live interaction, and discussed the innovations and changes of the building materials and home furnishing industry with the participants, and proposed A systematic solution was raised, which attracted strong attention on the spot! Mr. Liu, the National Informatization Engineer of the Deputy Dean of Jiuzheng Business School, gave tools to promote marketing. With the strong invasion of the Internet and mobile Internet, the profit was shrinking, and various costs were gradually higher. Businesses face unprecedented challenges. In this trend, according to the current development of the Hanzhong regional market, from "how to find more owners in 2020, how to scan real estate and scan the community, how to find more orders, how to increase sales of orders by at least 3 times?" And other content Starting with, Mr. Chen, the operation director of Jiuzheng Technology (Group) and executive dean of Jiuzheng Business School, brought a new digital marketing model and Jiuzhengjibao tools on the scene. Mr. Chen, Executive Deputy Dean of Jiuzheng Business School, the operation director of Jiuzheng Technology (Group), explained on the spot both the model and the tools, as well as the case to quickly help the field entrepreneurs to implement. Mr. Chen taught face-to-face and hands-on bosses to use Jiuzhengjibao, not only to quickly increase sales, do good activities, manage staff, get more customer resources, improve resource integration capabilities, channel management capabilities and service capabilities, and quickly achieve promotion Single transaction makes community marketing, marketing blasting, event promotion, and alliance orders simpler and more efficient. It is easy to realize that a shopping guide can reach at least the previous three uses, the customer retention time is extended by 3 times, and the order is increased by at least 3 times! Participating entrepreneurs Active interaction, taking photos, no links, no business, many participating dealers on-site learn to operate Jiuzhengjibao digital marketing tools. Aizhimei cloth industry, Ruibao soft decoration, Taoxianfang ceramic tile, Xinya home furnishing and other brand distributors will Explosion models, new models, brand strength and honors, etc., are displayed in a comprehensive manner through graphics, audio, video and other forms; at the same time, space limitations can be exceeded, and stored, added, and shared quickly, so that their information appears in the other party's WeChat, mobile communication In the record! The bosses have lamented that the function is too powerful! Distributors on-site sharing and forwarding want to unlock more Jiuzhengjibao functions Quickly scan the value of the code to experience the promotion of the event. Better use of WeChat will be able to use fission to find customers. Find orders. Stronger brands. Richer businessmen at the meeting site. Customs and other high-quality enterprise source manufacturers, "the number one", came to the scene to introduce the company's development history and enterprise strength in detail to the dealers, and also brought the company's latest products and investment invitation policies, zero distance and face to face with local dealers. Exchange, hope to join hands with the participating dealers to win-win! Ivy Jianyi Investment Leader Ivy Jianyi originated from Chengdu Hongda Weiye Investment and Trade Group, specializing in customizing for 12 years. Now it has set customizing, wooden doors, floors, and protection. The large-scale production and sales integration home furnishing company with wall panels is one. The company has provided many investment policies for this investment. At the same time, the company provides general support such as decoration subsidies, full return of samples, and personnel training. Huang Mask is a company with rich experience in R & D, production and sales. It has first-class furniture production units, complete products and novel designs. TAG Heuer Full House Customs Investment Leader TAG Heuer Full House Customs leads the trend to decorate a new generation of decoration, integrating four major production bases of sliding doors, hinged doors, cabinets, and solid wood to create a "four factories in one" overall home industry ecological chain. Has won "quality, service, integrity AAA units", "China's green products", "Best price-performance award". The head of Haoge's whole house custom investment promotion is Haoge's whole house assembly, using high-quality plates, imported Daya and Iger plates, and currently adopts the assembly mode to break the traditional craftsmanship and the price of coastal crafts in Chengdu. The distributors went to the factory booth to learn about the product consulting policy, negotiated to join the cooperation, the entire booth, the booth was popular, and the on-site distributors consulted continuously. The Jiuzheng project team, in order to help the cooperative brand factories to better attract investment, recruit strong merchants, let the distributors find Favorite brands continue to dock with dealers at the same time as invitations and meetings, and continue to use newspapers, H5, videos, display racks and other forms issued by Jiuzheng, so that local dealers can learn more and more intuitively in advance. Brand investment information, clear understanding of many high-quality source factories, to help everyone achieve the purpose of expanding business categories or changing brands. rame f rameborder = "0" width = "640" height = "408" src = " rame / player.html? vid = l30094wcjvk" allowfullscreen> rame> Jiuzheng Merchants-Recommended Brands In addition to matching the brands participating in the exhibition, Hanzhong dealers can also learn online through Jiuzheng Merchants: Real Estate Customization, Real Estate Customization, TAG Heuer House customization, Hauge whole house customization, Sanshan flooring, century-old house-to-house customization, Huaxiajie wall top installation, Meipo doors and windows, Kasie bathroom, Yazhixuan doors and windows, Runhe doors and windows, Yilong wooden doors, Haishun water-based paint , Sigma wooden door, Shangyi livable whole house installation, Qianchuan wooden door, Zhiqi silicon crystal porcelain, cherry blossom cabinets, hodo European import whole house custom, Diam, Badis ceiling, Voska door and window, Prome India, Master Luban, Platinum flying doors and windows, Debao flooring, Guria Home Furnishings, Home Furnishings, Xin Hongji Flooring, Erede Whole House, 100 V House Customization, Home Furnishing, KIC European Imported House Customization, Eride whole house assembly, Tailai Wood, Jade Sandalwood Door, Zhentan · Bamboo Wallboard and other national high-quality brands, expanding product categories and injecting new vitality into the building materials circle in Hanzhong! ↓↓↓ Scan Learn more about premium brands below QR code ↓ ↓ On-site feedback dealer: "I came here with my friends today, and I want to specifically feel how digital marketing works. After listening to it, I feel that the effect is really good, the function is very powerful, and the effect of the promotional activities should be good! Ready to give us Employees arrange it and see if the sales volume can increase sharply in the coming year! "" After listening to this conference, I feel that Jiuzheng is really ahead of time. This is the trend of using 5G for consumer groups. It is also the time for the industry to reshuffle, but I see Jiuzheng This Jikebao tool not only can quickly capture precise customers, when they know what products, but also through whom they introduced them, all at a glance! If you want to seize the bonus or keep up with the times, these new tools must be used! " "This conference gave me a good feeling and a lot of gains! In addition to learning new knowledge, understanding new trends, making money with new digital marketing tools, but also connecting people on the scene, there are also more factories to set up exhibitions, which can be directly taken Supply the price directly to the factory, the preferential investment policy, the choice is very large! "Manufacturers:" Received through the Jiuzheng ground promotion team before the meeting. The dealer's consultation and communication, the dealer's impression of Jiuzheng and our brand are good. And after the meeting, especially after seeing the products we brought, the feedback is also good, and two more goods have been developed. "This time we came with a lot of preferential policies. Many high-quality dealers came to the scene, and they were very motivated to learn. Many dealers hope to learn about some new products and good years ago. Many distributors are interested in our products at this conference, and have a thorough understanding of our products. Thank you very much for this conference organized by Jiuzheng. We have booked a few offline investment promotion after Jiuzheng. Event! "" After reading your investment promotion effect, I found that it is really much stronger than ourselves! In half a day, we can directly contact hundreds of regional precision dealers, which really saves time and effort for us. We will also participate in the conference! "" We have our own investment management network and sent teams to attract investment across the country. To be honest, it is really labor-intensive and time-consuming. People. Jiuzheng organizes such a business invitation conference, which is more accurate than the people we are looking for! ”Store:“ Before the meeting, we learned about the “new tools, new models, new weapons” proposed by Jiuzheng. This is exactly what We desperately need it. It can not only promote the improvement of the thinking of the home decoration industry in Hanzhong region, but also help you to solve the marketing problems such as “difficult to obtain customers, difficult to deal, and difficult to promote”, and improve the brand awareness and sales of the enterprise! " Get up and participate in this conference, the harvest is very great! I hope to work with Jiuzheng next to use digital marketing new tools and new models to take advantage of the store, and link more outstanding businesses to promote the development of the Hanzhong building materials and home furnishing industry ecosystem! " The current price is becoming more and more transparent. The difference in profit is only meager due to earning product differences. Sharing and sharing have become the main theme of business. People are money. People are resources. Resources can be realized. "A positive investment broker", which has many years of industry network resources, instant cash, fission-making money, an additional way to make money. On-site bosses immediately register and share, receive red envelopes; find your own brand, subsidies, and save money; recommend to others , Earn commissions and earn more money! If the recommendation is successful, there is a reward of up to 8,000 yuan! 5 minutes a day, easy year 500,000, extra money to earn! Jiuzheng Merchants treasure one "recommend" thousands of gold! Jiuzheng Merchants treasure-the recruitment of national investment brokers! Scanning code into Jiuzheng Merchants treasure registration to receive cash red envelopes can continue to earn extra money! Newspapers, applets, and other ways to learn about investment promotion information. This trip to Hanzhong, in order to allow the content of the meeting to cover a wider area, bring more high-quality source factories to local dealers in Hanzhong, so that dealers can earn money in multiple categories. Positively push the team to sink to Hanzhong City, Mian County, Chenggu County and other surrounding districts and counties, and work hard. Each market, merchant, and shop along the street invites and publicizes, so that dealers can get business opportunity information at their doorsteps and help. The investment cooperation brand saves effort and effort, allowing dealers to earn more in multiple categories! Jiuzhengdi pushes the market one by one, and stores along the street invite Jiuzhengdi to push the team one-on-one to explain new ideas and more high-quality brands to dealers Do what we say, say what we do! "Build an ecosystem layer, a network circle layer, give tools and support on the spot, so that the cooperation brands that follow the investment will get better investment results, so that participants can get New tools, strong connections, supply chain, docking with high-quality exhibitions and docking with high-quality brands, whether it is purchasing, agency, monopoly, or distribution, you can find multiple types of cooperation. Use new marketing tools to attract customers to find customers to find orders, increase sales, and increase sales. All the people who participated in the meeting came to gain something! "In the process, Jiuzhengren devoted himself and worked tirelessly for this! rame f rameborder = "0" width = "640" height = "408" src = " rame / player.html? vid = q3018q6gbk5" allowfullscreen> rame> Jiuzheng people, down-to-earth! So far, the Jiuzheng team has toured dozens of cities across the country (for details, please pay attention to the "Jiuzheng Building Materials Network" WeChat public account). Next, the "Jiuzheng Digital Marketing Upgrade Forum and Brand Tour Investment Promotion Summit" will continue to enter cities such as Sichuan, Hubei, and Guangxi, bringing more high-quality source factories for local dealers, allowing dealers to make more categories and make money for the factories. Find more high-quality dealers, and use industry-leading inbound marketing to sell nuclear weapons to find more customers and sign more orders, and raise business and wealthy businessmen. Every step we take counts! Struggle is a continuous practice process. In this process, Jiuzhengren Put all your efforts into it and never stop dreaming! If you also want to join the team of Jiuzheng China Merchants 100 City to realize digital fission investment! At the meeting site: cooperation, exhibition, distribution of materials, video playback, zero distance docking Target customers, share (recommend) your brand in an interactive way, pack a brand image that dealers trust and follow, and let you better promote the brand / recruit high-quality and good merchants. Contact us to seize the opportunity! Press and hold to identify The following two-dimensional code for more details or reservations of the Jiuzheng Investment Touring Conference: January 9 Mianyang, Sichuan
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