Recharge the heart of Nanchuan, North Sichuan! The rapid fission of Jiuzheng Collective Marketing helps merchants attract more wealthy merchants to increase their orders by at least 3 times!

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Time: 1pm, December 26, 2019 Venue: Jiazhou Ligang Hotel, Nanchong City Characters: Over 200 Nanchong and surrounding building materials household elite entrepreneurs Event: Affects the entire Nanchong building materials household circle! ▲ There were no seats on the conference site. At the conference, we interviewed different representatives who participated in the conference and listened to what they said! Representatives of Nanchong Association: "Today, we are from the association, and we have learned a lot. This has contributed to the development of our member companies and even the development of the entire association. Nanchong The development of the building materials market is of great significance! It has greatly helped to increase the company's own sales volume! It is really a worthwhile trip! "Nanchong Store Representative:" There have been many meetings and many times, but this time The content of the meeting really shocked me. The original business can still do this! This is a different experience for our stores and stores in the stores. Digital inbound marketing weapons can quickly and accurately acquire customers. Who watched it? When did you see it and what are you interested in? You can see it at a glance through the backstage. This is exactly what we need! " I originally came to this conference with a dispensable mentality, but after I came here, I felt fortunate that I had come. We are now doing activities, and we basically do it every weekend, and we do n’t miss the big and small holidays, but I do n’t want to say that everyone can experience the effect. But today, if you join this meeting, promotion activities, alliance orders, community marketing, and real estate interception, the effect is definitely not good! ”What kind of meeting can get everyone so High evaluation ?! Large-scale large platform multi-party help January 26, hosted by the China Construction Expo, hosted by Jiuzheng Building Materials Network, Jiuzheng Technology (Group), Nanchong Glorious Market, Bomei • Home Huiyilong Shopping Mall, Zhongrun • "China Construction Expo (Shanghai) Promotion Conference and Digital Upgrade Forum for Building Materials and Home Furnishing Industry Marketing" jointly sponsored by Langzhong International Trade City, Sichuan Building Materials Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce, and Nanjing Moving Door Industry Association, etc. | Building Materials Household Brand Recommendation Tour Exhibition in Nanchong Jiazhou Ligang Hotel was successfully held. ▲ China Construction Expo (Shanghai) Promotion and Building Materials Home Industry Marketing Digital Upgrade Forum Building Materials Home Brands Recommended Tour Exhibition (Nanchong Station) This meeting received jade sandalwood, Sanshan flooring, Meipo doors and windows, Zhiqi silicon crystal porcelain, Yiyi The strong support of brands such as Weijianyi, Huangmask, Huaxiajie, etc., as well as the enthusiastic attention of the media such as Jiuzheng Building Materials Network, Sina Furnishing, and Today's Headline. Conference site Nanchong Glorious Market, Bomei • Home Huilong Shopping Mall, Zhongrun • Langzhong International Trade City, Nanchong Youhao International Home Expo Center, Nanchong North Sichuan Building Materials Market, Southern Yilian Market and surrounding districts and counties over 200 business associations , Exhibitions, stores, factories, distributors, foremen, designers and other building materials and home furnishing industry elites were present! There were full seats, popularity was full, the venue was full, and the aisle continued to increase seats! What exactly is this meeting? They flocked, their seats were lined up to the aisle, and they continued to listen ?! ↓↓↓ Subvert the traditional building materials and home furnishings industry channel model, break the barriers to single-product sales and make money, realize fast fission marketing, find customers and orders! Rich merchant marketing is fast! Accurate! Cruel! Let you defeat competitors and win 2020! Talking about the trend refers to the "severe industry situation, building materials and home furnishing enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges. In such a general trend, what direction should we take? Breakthrough? What will happen to the industry in 2020? At present, companies in the industry have begun to shift the battlefield, and channels have been sinking. Out of the way, what do regional building materials and home furnishing companies need to do in order to gain more market share? ”The China Construction Expo (Shanghai) conducted a site analysis on the basis of the market environment and the current measures taken by major home furnishing brands, and made a future analysis of the China Construction Expo. A series of measures carried out in conjunction with many well-known domestic and international brands of building materials and home furnishings were explained. At the same time, the site revealed that the content of the 2020 China Construction Expo (Shanghai) will be upgraded and invited everyone to participate in the 2020 China Construction Expo! ▲ China Construction Expo (Shanghai) representatives on the scene shared The industry, whether it is an upstream manufacturer, material supplier, or downstream decoration company or distributor, is always surrounded by the pain points of the industry. Where is the life course of the building materials and home furnishing companies? How can we transform ourselves out of the predicament and survive? Where do our customers go? What should we do to find more customers ... "In response, Mr. Liu, the dean of Jiuzheng Business School and a national information engineer, brought the theme of" in the era of digital survival, where the store sales increase comes from. " On-site interaction, in-depth discussion with the participants on the innovation and change of the building materials and home furnishing industry, and proposed a systematic solution, which attracted strong attention at the scene! ▲ Mr. Liu, the National Informatization Engineer of the Deputy Dean of Jiuzheng Business School, gave a solution to the trend To help solve the problem, to give tools to help marketing, there is a trend, a plan, a direction, what is the specific business to do? What kind of marketing needs Breakthrough in the new tool of the model to find more customer sources? How to defeat the surrounding competitors and find more owners? How to scan the real estate and scan the community to find more orders? How to increase the sales of orders at least 3 times? Just on site, there are Answer! ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ Before the meeting-Experience new marketing tools and build channels efficiently. At the invitation and on the day of the meeting, the Jiuzheng project team introduced Jiuzheng digital marketing nuclear weapon in advance to Jiuzheng Jikebao, and quickly helped. Everyone uses it, establishes links, expands the circle of friends, makes new friends, and builds their own network of contacts. Yalan customization, Citi whole house ceiling, suitable living whole house customization, Emperor Blue furniture, century-old craftsman, sea edge drift window, Maxim's Mondi wooden door, Jiomei Shu'an wardrobe cabinet, Zhengjin doors and windows, Silno floor, Brand dealers such as Centennial Wooden Door, Kangtai Electrical Appliances, Yameiju Wallpaper, Asia-Pacific Tianneng Smart Lock, Meiyijia Custom House, etc. will advance their explosive models, new models, brand strength and honors in advance through graphic, audio, Video and other forms for all-round display; At the same time, it breaks space restrictions, quickly stores, adds quickly, and shares quickly, so that their information appears in the other party's WeChat and mobile phone address book! After use, entrepreneurs have lamented that the function is too powerful! During the meeting-Give the case-teaching operation help orders to increase at least 3 times! Mr. Chen, Chief Operating Officer of Jiuzheng Technology (Group) and Executive Dean of Jiuzheng Business School, brought a new digital marketing model and Jiuzhengjibao tools to the scene. The method quickly assists the entrepreneurs in the implementation of the case. ▲ Ms. Chen shared on the spot to teach hands-on operation. "What should Jiuzheng Jibao actually do in actual applications? How to accurately promote, market, and acquire customers accurately? How to use tools for community marketing, event blasting, and cross-industry alliances? Manage shopping guides, let one shopping guide be used for three purposes ... "Teacher Chen conducted a detailed interpretation and practical demonstration of how Jiuzheng Jikebao specifically finds customers for orders and marketing blasts in the form of cases. Using Jiuzheng Jibao not only can quickly increase sales, do good activities, manage employees, acquire more customer resources, improve resource integration capabilities, channel management capabilities, and service capabilities, quickly achieve single order transactions, and let community marketing, marketing Blasting, event promotions, and alliance orders are simpler and more efficient. It is easy to realize that a shopping guide can reach at least the previous three, customers stay at the store 3 times longer, and orders increase at least 3 times! ↓↓↓ Code Scanning Experience Cooperation Cases ↓↓↓ 参Entrepreneurs will follow Mr. Chen's explanation on the spot, and learn quickly with hands-on practice while learning, as long as they can use WeChat to socialize fission The promotion to find orders, even if not a WeChat friend, can quickly capture, powerful, and continuously praised on the spot! ▲ Entrepreneur photo records, especially for community marketing, event promotions, inter-industry alliances bring orders very well, many entrepreneurs said to go back When it comes to the use of linked shopping guides, 2020 will definitely be a good start! ▲ Entrepreneurs on-site operation and use of powerful functions like praise after the meeting-after participating entrepreneurs quickly start fission communication to find customers, many participating entrepreneurs have said that they will go back and use it immediately Get up and quickly upload your information to the digital marketing nuclear weapon-Jiuzhengjikebao, which will be widely disseminated in the circle of friends and WeChat groups. As long as someone clicks, there will be data feedback immediately and connect quickly! ▲ Participating entrepreneurs will confirm the cooperation intention on the spot. Before the brand helps to make money-high-quality brands know more about the participation in advance. In order to make the dealers ’business better, let the participating factories find high-quality dealers, and help the dealers quickly find the favorite factories. The Jiuzheng project team is in At the same time as the invitation, and continued to dock with the dealers during the meeting, the newspapers and H5 issued by Jiuzheng continued , Video, and on-site display racks, etc., so that local dealers can learn more about high-quality brand investment information in a very intuitive way in advance, understand a lot of high-quality source factories, and help everyone achieve the purpose of expanding business categories or changing brands. . The participating dealers not only can actually experience the factory's special products, but also communicate face-to-face with the factory to get more favorable joining conditions! ▲ The factory booth is full of people's consultations, and the source factory's on-site docking is more reliable. Source jade sandalwood, Sanshan flooring, Meper doors and windows, Zhiqi Silicon Crystal Porcelain, Yiwei Jianyi, Huangmask, Huaxiajie and other source brand factories in addition to the on-site exhibitions, the factory "top leader" is in person at the site for distribution The merchants introduced the company's development history and corporate strength in detail, and also brought the company's latest products and investment invitation policies, zero distance and face-to-face communication with local dealers! Jade Sandalwood ▲ Jade Sandalwood Investment Leader Jade Sandalwood The company was founded in 1998 and has won honors such as the vice president unit of wooden doors, the platinum award for quality service, and the benchmark enterprise of quality and integrity! Various types of solid wood cladding doors, logs, carved wooden doors, villa doors, luxury Wooden doors and wall panels, wall skirts, Roman columns, door covers, window covers, footings, and other complete wooden homes, which sell well in more than 20 provinces and cities, and more than 200 large and medium cities. A sound marketing network and after-sales service system, has won the praise of consumers and the community. Inside and outside the door, the taste is extraordinary, Shengshi China, handed down sandalwood! Nanchang dealers are invited to go hand in hand to create the first brand of healthy wooden doors in China! Sanshan Flooring ▲ Sanshan Flooring Investment Leader Sanshan Flooring was created in 1999, is a custom home , Wooden doors, wooden flooring and other product development, production, sales, and service in one integrated enterprise to create an "aldehyde" healthy home environment! The company covers an area of more than 100 acres, and its main products include laminate flooring, multilayer solid wood flooring , Pure solid wood flooring, wooden doors, wooden flooring, wardrobes, etc., with more than 1,000 product varieties and specifications, hundreds of Sanshan specialty stores have been established in well-known building materials markets in the country, such as Red Star Macalline, Actual Home, and Fusenmei Home Furnishings. Aiming at the Nanchong market, Sanshan has formulated a practical investment and joining policy, and is willing to reciprocate and win-win with Nanchang franchisees! Meiper Doors and Windows ▲ Meiper Doors and Windows Merchants Leader Meiper Doors and Windows has more than ten years of door and window research and development, production experience, and technology Mature and well-managed; dozens of series of products in the three major product groups of original design, leading technology of doors, windows, and sunrooms. Starting from the concept of modern aesthetics, the modern aesthetics are integrated with the functions and style design of doors and windows to provide thousands of families with A high standard of application solutions. The leaders of Meibo Doors and Windows Merchants share preferential joining policies on the spot, and provide franchising dealers with store design support, sample discount return, high decoration subsidies, store operation guidance and other benefits and services. Zhiqi Silicon Crystal Porcelain ▲ Chiqi Silicon Crystal Porcelain Investment Leader Haichang Coatings Co., Ltd. is the founder of "Zhiqi Silicon Crystal Porcelain". The company has high-quality, precise, sharp, and poly scientific research experts and operation management teams. The projects have disruptive product technologies. After nearly five years of hard work, we have developed a high-end coating-the world's first single-component pure inorganic coating "silicon-ceramic", which overcomes the traditional coating industry's long-standing coating production process that relies on organic matter to form a film, and achieves "the realization of zero formaldehyde And zero VOC emissions ", breaking the monopoly of foreign brands on China's high-end coatings industry for many years, and leading the global coatings industry into a new era of 5G! On-site invited entrepreneurs to join hands with Haichang to open a new chapter in the coatings industry! ▲ Yiwei Kanyi Investment Leader Yiwei Jianyi is from Chengdu Hongda Weiye Investment and Trade Group. It specializes in customizing for 12 years. Now it has set a large-scale production and sales integration home furnishing company that integrates customization, wooden doors, floors, and wall panels. The company has given numerous investment policies to this investment promotion. At the same time, the company provides general support such as decoration subsidies, full sample return, personnel training, 8 core advantages, one-stop service system, joining more peace of mind! The owner of Musk's investment promotion team has a long history. The brand has a long history of fifteen years of ingenuity and quality assurance. It focuses on details, condenses creativity, and brings together multiple ingenuities. Art. Product design is beautiful and exquisite, simple structure, easy to install and remove. 3% error trapping, leading the industry. Super European standard intelligent environmental protection material selection, protecting health from the source! Each process is strictly processed, and the product quality has been kept high. Bringing preferential joining policies at the scene, joining with zero risk, getting richer is more worry-free! Huaxia Jie ▲ Hua Xia Jie Investment Leader Hua Xia Jie was established in 1997, 18 years of hard work and precipitation, now Hua Xia Jie has become China and even the world's high-quality PVC It is synonymous with plate, and has obtained 123 utility model patents, 21 Chinese invention patents, 2 US invention patents, and its products are widely used in millions of households in developed countries such as the United States and Europe. At the meeting site, Hua Xia Jie's investment representatives explained the advantages of Hua Xia Jie's products on the spot and hoped to work with the entrepreneurs of the building materials market in Nanchong to achieve a win-win situation! Not only that, in addition to docking the participating brands, Nanchong dealers can also launch nine I am looking for investment treasures. I learned online: Voska doors and windows, Promeyin, 100V whole house customization, fashion home furnishings, KIC European import whole house customization, Erede whole house assembly, Guria home furnishings, platinum flying Doors and Windows, Debao Flooring, Yazhixuan Doors and Windows, Tailai Wood, Sigma Wood Doors, Shangyi Living Whole House, Zhentan Bamboo Bamboo Wallboard, Yilong Wooden Door, Master Luban, Xinhongji Flooring, Di Anmu , Sakura overall kitchen and bathroom, Runhe doors and windows, Qianchuan wooden doors, Haishun water-based paint, Badis ceiling, Cassie bathroom, and other national high-quality brands, expanding product categories, injecting new vitality into the building materials circle in Nanchong! ↓↓↓ Scan The following QR code to learn more about high-quality brands ↓↓↓ After the meeting-joining cooperation to break the barriers to single product marketing and making more money After the meeting, the dealer actively negotiated and communicated with the factory intent, and some entrepreneurs directly Establish cooperation intentions, and some entrepreneurs will determine the factory inspection time on the spot! In addition, participating dealers can also use the Jiuzheng Merchants —— Merchants Brokers platform provided by Jiuzheng to change people's veins, and connect many years of industry contacts , Instant cash, fission-making money, one more way to make money! On-site bosses immediately register to share, receive red envelopes; find your own brand, subsidies, and save money; give more recommendations to others, earn commissions more money! If the recommendation signing is successful There is also a reward of up to 8,000 yuan! Five minutes a day, easily earning 500,000 a year, earn extra money! Rich conference content, many super supply chain source factories and digital marketing tools, to gain knowledge on the spot and actually experience digital marketing Nuclear weapons, fission-style single mention sales, docking with high-quality source factories at the doorstep, harvesting more business opportunities and wealth, how to not let Nanchong building materials and home furnishing entrepreneurs excited ?! Participating entrepreneurs on-site feedback dealers: The digital marketing tools said by the staff are very interested. It is also a practical experience tool to bring a friend today. The effect is really good and the function It ’s powerful, and the effect of the promotional activities should be very good! My friend also found his favorite custom factory on the spot, and it was a big gain! Thank you very much for the team of Jiuzheng, who brought us so many practical tools and business opportunities. " "Some of the marketing dry goods that Mr. Jiu Zheng said are very suitable for my store! In fact, we are also doing WeChat marketing, but we do n’t know where to start. Although we are also encouraging employees to forward and share more, we do n’t know. Who sees it and is interested in what our products are. Jiuzheng's Jikebao tool not only can quickly capture precise customers, when they know what products, but also through whom, it is clear at a glance! Never worry about business again Employees lost orders and customers lost. "" This meeting gave me a good feeling and a lot of gains! In addition to learning new knowledge, understanding new trends, using new digital marketing tools to make money, and connecting people on the spot, there are also comparisons. Many factories set up exhibitions, you can directly get factory direct supply prices, preferential investment policies, the choice is very large! "Manufacturers:" We will pass before the meeting No team is being pushed, the dealer received a consultation, communication contact, as well as distributors of nine positive impression of our brands are good. And after the meeting, especially after seeing the products we brought, the feedback was also good, and we also developed two takers. "This investment promotion model is really much stronger than our own organization team to promote investment promotion! For our manufacturers, as long as half a day, we can directly contact hundreds of regional precision dealers, saving time and effort, and the effect is good, I believe Jiuzheng, we will go with Jiuzheng next station! "" We have our own official website for investment promotion, and we have sent teams all over the country to attract investment. To be honest, it takes a lot of manpower, material and time, and we ca n’t invite them. So many people. Jiuzheng organizes such a business invitation conference, which is more accurate than the people we are looking for! ”Store:“ Before the meeting, we learned about the “new tools, new models, new weapons” proposed by Jiuzheng. This is exactly what We desperately need it. It can not only promote the improvement of thinking of the building materials and home furnishing industry in Nanchong, but also effectively help you solve marketing difficulties such as difficult customer acquisition, difficult transaction, and difficult sales promotion, and improve the brand awareness and sales of the enterprise! " The stores came together to participate in this conference, and the gains were very great! I hope to work with Jiuzheng next to use digital marketing new tools and new models to leverage the advantages of the store and link more outstanding stores to promote the development of the Nanchong building materials and home furnishing industry ecosystem! " Do what we say and say that we have made a step by step. Jiuzheng people make unremitting efforts to "build the ecosystem layer and the network layer, give tools and support on the spot, so that the cooperation brands that follow the investment will get better investment results and let the participants Get new tools, strong connections, supply chain, dock high-quality exhibitions, dock high-quality brands, whether it is purchasing, agency, monopoly, distribution, you can find multiple types of cooperation, use new marketing tools to attract customers to find customers to find orders, increase sales, Let everyone who participates in the conference gain something! "This trip to Nanchong, in order to make the content of the conference wider Area, bringing more high-quality source factories to Nan as a local dealer, allowing dealers to earn money in multiple categories. Jiuzhengdi pushed the team to sink to Nanchong City and surrounding districts and counties, and worked hard. Each market, merchants, and shops along the street invited And publicity, dealers can really get business opportunity information at their doorsteps, which helps investment cooperation brands save effort and peace of mind, so that dealers can earn money in multiple categories! ▲ Jiuzheng pushes teams to market and invite shops along the street ▲ Jiuzheng The ground push team explained one-on-one to bring new ideas and more high-quality brands to dealers. So far, the Jiuzheng team has toured dozens of cities across the country (for details, please pay attention to the "Jiuzheng Building Materials Network" WeChat public account). rame f rameborder = "0" width = "640" height = "408" src = " rame / player.html? vid = q3018q6gbk5" allowfullscreen> rame>】 ▲ Jiuzheng people, down-to-earth! Next, "Jiuzheng Digital Marketing Upgrade Forum and Brand Tour Investment Summit" will continue to enter Sichuan, Hubei, Guangxi, Yunnan and other cities to bring more quality to local dealers. The source factory allows distributors to make more types of money, find more quality distributors for the factory, and use industry-leading inbound marketing to sell nuclear weapons to find more customers and sign more orders, and grow and grow rich. Every step we take counts! If you also want to Join the Jiuzheng China Merchants 100 City National Bank team to realize digital fission-type investment! At the meeting site: cooperation, exhibition setting, distribution of materials, video playback, zero-distance docking with target customers, interactively share (recommend) your brand, pack a worthy The brand image that the dealer trusts and follows, allows you to better promote the brand / recruit high-quality and good businessmen, and contact us to seize the opportunity! Please long-press the following QR code to learn more about the Jiuzheng Investment Touring Conference or to reserve some cities : January 2020 Sichuan Mianyang February 2020 Hubei Wuhan February 2020 Nanning Guangxi March 2020 Guizhou Guiyang March 2020 Kunming Yunnan 22
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