Jiazhaoye first entered Hefei and Huichuang Group to pick up land in the core area of Hefei Feixi

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成功竞得合肥肥西核心区地块。 News: On December 27, Jiazhaoye Group joined hands with Anhui Huichuang Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. (Huichuang Group for short) to successfully win the Hefei Feixi core area. According to Viewpoint Real Estate New Media, this is also the first time Jiazhaoye Group has settled in Hefei.

The data show that Jiazhao's bidding land is located in the area of Hefei Feixi Old City. The parcel transfer area is about 110,000 square meters, the plot ratio is about 1.8, and the building area is about 200,000 square meters. Jiazhaoye will cooperate with Huichuang Group to fully tap the resource advantages of the project, adhering to the concept of beautiful living, and adding quality to the old city of Feixi.

Jiazhaoye also said that the presence in Anhui further perfected the strategic layout of the Yangtze River Delta integration in Shanghai, expanded the Jiazhaoye Group's land reserve, and injected strong momentum into the Group's accelerated development in the Yangtze River Delta region.

According to the opinion of Real Estate New Media, in 2019, Jiazhaoye Group successfully won the plots of Suzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou, and its strategic territory continued to expand.

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