Heavy! Line 33 detailed site exposure, connecting 18 key areas, extending Huizhou and Zhongshan

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Just now, a circle of friends circulated a “Detailed Traffic Planning for Shenzhen Rail Transit Line 33 (Consultation Draft)”, which mentioned heavy information such as detailed stations and reserved lines of Line 33.

Line 33 connects the Longhua-Bantian area in the core area of the city, the eastern and western city centers, group centers such as Shiyan, Henggang, and Kwai Chung, as well as the Dapeng Peninsula tourist area. The development function of peripheral centers and the function of tourist express in the eastern region.

Line 33 has a preset operating speed of 160km / h , which allows 40 minutes to reach from the Pingshan Center to the airport T4 hub, and 30 minutes to the city's main center.

In addition, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area inter-city railway construction plan proposes the inter-Shenzhen-Dacheng intercity. The airport-Pingshan section is consistent with the route of Line 33, the end point is adjusted to Daya Bay, and the Pingshan-Dapeng branch line is added in the long run to Guanlong City The international composition runs through.

Planning range

The planning scope includes the Shenzhen section of Line 33 (Shenzhen-Dacheng Intercity) and the Dapeng branch line. The research scope includes the cross-river section and Huizhou section. The conditions of the line extending westward to Zhongshan and eastward to Huizhou Airport are reserved.

Line 33 in Shenzhen

Coverage of key areas in Shenzhen: The line connects the Shenzhen North Business Center, Banxuegang Science and Technology City, Dayun New City, and Pingshan Center among the 18 key areas in the city, which can effectively support the development of the area.

The main line of Line 33 is 68.3km, with 10 stations ; the stations from west to east are: T4 Junction Station, East Airport Station, Shiyan Station, Longsheng Station, Wuhe Station, Bainikeng Station, Dayun Station, Pingshan Station, and Peng Zi Station

The Dapeng branch line has a total length of 32.4km and consists of 3 stations, which are connected by Pingshan Station. The stations are: Kwai Chung Station, Dapeng Station, and Xinda Station.

latest progress:

Shenzhen City has listed Line 33 (Shenzhen Intercity Airport to Pingshan Section) and Dapeng Branch Line (Pingshan to Dapeng Section) as key priority routes in the near future , and plans to accelerate construction.

Attached plan:

Longgang Baoan Pingshan Center

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