Essential guide for 2020 building materials and home investment to join: 100 city investment is so easy

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In the development history of the building materials and home furnishing industry, the investment of factories / stores has played a vital role in the development of the industry. Some people say that investment promotion is the first step in marketing, and a successful investment promotion may change the fate of an enterprise. It can be seen that investment promotion is indispensable in marketing. However, with the severe industry situation in recent years, it is becoming more and more difficult for factories / stores to attract investment, and the efficiency of investment is low. I often hear building materials and home furnishing entrepreneurs lamenting that investment invitation is not ideal, which also affects product sales and brand expansion. So, "How can we attract more dealers to cooperate? How can we easily attract good merchants? Are there more investment-saving methods that save money and effort? How can we continue to form a long-term vendor interaction while attracting investment, without running a business, and being more solid? How to form a strong distributor channel resource pipe network to expand the visibility of factories / stores and enhance brand strength? "I believe these problems have always plagued building materials, home furnishings factories, stores, and investment managers. In some factories / stores, please have a professional investment team, have done large investment conferences, and participated in many industry exhibitions. The tricks are more than one time, and the schemes are better than one time. The effect is indeed, but it is still not optimistic. Where are the key issues? How can we quickly mobilize the passion of dealers and achieve the purpose of attracting investment? With the change of the times, especially the increasing use of the Internet / mobile Internet, innovation and personalization have become the trend of the times. The model also needs to be constantly changed! "The industry's first 100 exhibitions of Jiuzheng National Tour Exhibition will affect 1000 cities' new digital fission-type investment promotion model with zero risk and strong promotion. The results will be paid again! Worthy of attention! Investment invitation / joining must! Can meet all building materials home factories CEOs / general generations / stores dream of attracting investment, expanding channels, and brand exhibitions! Can help tens of thousands of dealers to find the ideal brand with high quality, favorite, super cost-effective and preferential policies! Jiuzheng Building Material Network 100 City 100000 stores roving distribution Business meetings with high value, high return and high efficiency !! rame f rameborder = "0" width = "640" height = "408" src = " rame / player.html? vid = q3018q6gbk5" allowfullscreen> rame> Why is it so hot! Help the factory: Wide-angle radiation to connect with precise dealer resources in various regions of the country; conduct omni-channel promotion online and offline, let the factory and dealers communicate face-to-face; invited participants are the most knowledgeable and competent Those with financial strength, they or their friends will be the most direct purchasers of your brand products; help the brand carry out story marketing and help your brand to further increase the local popularity; the conference site platform can help you in the local area Dealers build a resource circle and increase brand influence; promote the brand locally and help dealers build a resource pipeline network and take a single channel, so it is not easy for dealers to give up on you; Candidates for precise dealers and pick-ups; we will use the Merchants Conference as the entry point to digitally transform and upgrade your business; our unique offline investment summit + online smart business cards, China Merchants, etc. will bring you To a full range of investment services; on-site dealers are communicators, combined with the digital tools we provide for you, through offline investment meetings to form recognition Knowledge and recognition, so as to achieve the purpose of fission-type investment for your business; at the same time as investment, can also provide digital marketing training for dealers, so that dealers' marketing thinking is in line with factory marketing thinking, use digital marketing nuclear weapons to arm their own stores, enhance stores Sales volume; Experiential results-based payment will open more cooperation business opportunities for you; We will also cooperate with major business associations, you can come to the conference site for publicity and also connect more upstream and downstream cooperation enterprises. Helping the store: Online and offline regional omni-channel building materials and home furnishing industry promotion; Wide-angle radiation docking with accurate and capable dealer resources in each county and city in the region; Let the store and dealer communicate face-to-face; Connect more source factory / association resources and expand Store product categories to enhance the competitiveness of the store; At the same time as helping the investment promotion, digital marketing upgrade training is also provided to the dealer store to realize the joint operation of the store and the dealer, and to increase the flow of sales and sales of the store / store; Help the store to attract more wealthy merchants and distribute Only with strong business strength and good sales can cooperation last long. Help distributors: help each other to connect with exhibition resources, such as China Construction Expo, China National Expo, etc., to prepare for later resource reserves, transformation, and find more good brands; help participating dealers to connect more high-quality sources Factories, the most preferential investment / cooperation policies, guaranteed; help participating dealers to connect with the supply chain and supply channels, get the factory prices of the source manufacturers, save money and achieve multi-category sales; on-site participation regardless of whether Purchasing, agency, monopoly or distribution can be realized; real-time grasp of the development process of dealers in the same industry in other regions, and constantly improve their own business strategies to make their business better and hotter; can learn new marketing tools , Increase store traffic, arrival rate, retain customers, promote orders, increase unit price, etc .; even if you do not need to change brands, find a brand, but you can use your network to make money, become a investment broker, register with bounty, invitation There is a bounty, a recommendation and a bounty, which promotes the signing of a contract to get up to 8,000 yuan in bounties; Easily implement a single industry alliance with a single order, quickly establish a network of contacts at the meeting site, find more In business opportunities, assist in the realization of marketing orders! Why choose to cooperate with Jiuzheng ?? ↓↓↓ A secure and reliable platform guarantees "Jiuzheng China Merchants 100 City Tour Dealer Conference" professionally served Jiuzheng in the building materials and home furnishing industry for 19 years Building Materials Network and Jiuzheng Technology (Group) are organized with great effort, 19-year platform credit endorsement, 100,000+ home building materials quality dealer resource pool, deep industry cultivation for nearly 20 years, senior merchants / joining housekeepers, one-stop service, making investment / joining more Easy! Jiuzheng Building Materials Network (19 years of the Internet platform for the building materials and home furnishing industry) At the same time, "Jiuzheng China Merchants 100 City Tour Dealer Conference" adhering to the vision of "find quality dealers for brands and bring quality brands to dealers", gather the country High-quality factories / brands, using online and offline combined omni-channel promotion investment promotion model, not only using the platform's millions of dealers' fan resources and Jiuzheng Merchants Bao (Jiuzheng Building Materials Network's China Merchants joined the big data sharing platform) as a cooperative factory / Branders carry out branding / investment promotion, and also use the "roving dealer meeting" model to hold in key cities and local cities across the country Dealer meetings, field promotion of new business invitations, more reliable! Scanning code experience Jiuzheng provides exclusive investment website cases (part) Covering the wide and accurate attendees As of now, the "Jiuzheng China Merchants 100 City Tour Dealer Conference" has been Successfully hosted in nearly 20 provincial capital cities including Chongqing, Xi'an, Nanjing, Taiyuan, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Nanning, Guiyang, Changsha, Urumqi, Xining, Kunming, Nanchang, Hefei, and sink to Suzhou, Huanggang , Luzhou, Huzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Qingdao, Dazhou, Mianyang, Deyang, Leshan, Meishan, Zigong, Neijiang, Yibin, Xichang, Panzhihua, Bazhong, Nanchong, Guang'an and other second- and third-level cities and cities are deeply cultivated and radiated to Central China, East China, Northwest China, Southwest, South China, North China and other regions, covering large stores and markets in each city, one by one market and business visit promotion, one-to-one carpet-to-door visit, introducing newspapers, leaflets and invitations to introduce participating brands And the benefits that joining conditions will bring them, etc., invite dealers to participate in the conference! Jiuzheng team in-depth store promotion (part) Jiuzheng's Purpose has not changed, that is to make high-quality brands to find the most suitable dealers, allowing factories to cooperate to find more options dealer network of resources, allowing for outstanding dealers find the most suitable good brand. Highlights of cooperative investment brands (part) Low cost and higher efficiency The "Jiuzheng China Merchants 100 City Touring Dealer Conference" also has in-depth cooperation with major markets in the region, which can bring together the construction materials and homes in each region and surrounding areas, allowing you to The direct one-to-many selection of the brand eliminates the need for the business investment staff to find potential partners to visit and follow up one by one, which not only reduces the number of investment teams, saves labor costs, but also saves two, three, and even multiple negotiations The business travel expenses spent have greatly reduced the investment invitation cost for enterprises. It can also provide a precise database of dealer resources after the meeting, so that manufacturers can continue to track after the meeting, and develop more high-quality dealers! Popularity at the conference site (some) On-site booths, samples, face-to-face negotiations to promote products, join efficient and transparent, save time and effort I also worry about cooperating with Jiuzheng to participate in the "Jiuzheng China Merchants 100 City Tour Dealer Conference" factory. After the investment promotion work is started, Jiuzheng 100+ professionally pushes the team to make precise invitations in various regions and sends them to them. The exquisite "Jiuzheng Investment Promotion Special" has a more detailed introduction of the cooperative brands, so that dealers will have an understanding of the cooperative investment brands before the meeting. The Jiuzheng team goes into the store to invite one-on-one invitations to invest in special pictures (partial). In addition, Jiuzheng will uniformly produce the venue brand promotion background card and broadcast the investment promotion video and broadcast the most favorable investment promotion policy for you, attracting accurate dealers for you. Consult to understand. At the same time, Jiuzheng can also help partner brands to conduct story-based marketing at the conference site. Can the participating dealers affect many people in the local area? This will further help the partner brands to further increase the visibility of the local area! It will not take you a second Without letting you do your part, the conference will bring you the results, let you harvest several or even dozens of partners that will create more value for you. Super high value-added Jiuzheng also provides the "Jiuzheng Merchants Investment-Merchants Brokers" benefit! Once the cooperation is launched, there will be 100,000+ building materials and home furnishing industry investment brokers in China to make recommendations for your brand! As long as they have a brand investment The idle contact resources you need can be continuously recommended to you and widely attracted investment! ↓↓↓ Scan the code to learn about the services of China Merchants Brokers. ↓↓↓ On the day of each "Jiuzheng China Merchants 100 City Tour Dealer Meeting", every day Cooperating companies will have the opportunity to recommend their own brands on the stage. In addition to giving distributors who are interested in representing your products one more chance to learn about your brand, it will also allow all attendees at the venue to have a preliminary or better understanding of your company / brand. Further understanding. If you have a local dealer, the local dealers of the local brands are the participants. If there is a representative of the brand at the conference site, it can help the cooperative brand to build a resource circle at the local dealer and increase the brand influence. . With such a layer of network, go face-to-face to promote your brand locally, and help your dealers build a resource pipeline network and take a single channel. It is more difficult for dealers to give up on you! Of course, China Merchants is looking for Jiuzheng. Distributors, dealers who come to the conference can become your local candidate dealers and pick-ups. Even if you do n’t need to cooperate with you for the time being, once you want or have a familiar person who want to act as agent or purchase such products, you may be the first to think of your brand! You know, join the “Jiuzheng Merchants 100 City Tour Dealer Conference” "Resellers are all knowledgeable and the most capable group. They or their friends are the most direct buyers of your brand products. At the same time, Jiuzheng has established long-term cooperative relationships with major markets in the country, and later will also cooperate with major business associations. Brands choose to cooperate with Jiuzheng, which can not only be promoted at the conference site, but also receive more Upstream and downstream cooperation companies! The key is !!! There are three guarantees for the tour dealer meeting of Jiuzheng Building Material Network 100 City 100,000 stores !! √ The number of dealers is guaranteed: the dealers participating in the conference have high accuracy, a large number, The area covered is wide !! √ Brand promotion is guaranteed: through fission-type publicity such as video, newspaper, display stand, WeChat community, etc., to achieve more than 100 times promotion and dissemination, the precise dealers invited are all accurate audiences! √ The on-site results are guaranteed: to find the precise intended customers for the partner brands / stores, 0 risk, full transparency, and give the results! How did the nearest city, factory, dealer feedback? Factory: "We will push the team through Jiuzhengji before the meeting The promotion, received the inquiry from the dealers, and communicated with them. The dealers have a good impression on Jiuzheng and our brand. And after the meeting, especially After the product we brought, the feedback was also good, and we also developed two takers. "" After the meeting, Jiuzheng also helped us continue to track and understand and provide accurate dealer data. I think this is a good job. I believe that Positive. "" In the past, we also did online investment invitations, and we also sent people to run around the country. To be honest, it took a lot of manpower, material and time, and we could not invite so many people. Jiuzheng organized such a business invitation conference. It ’s more accurate than we are looking for investment! ” rame f rameborder = "0" width = "640" height = "408" src = " rame / player.html? vid = u3012usfr1b" allowfullscreen> rame> Feedback on the effect of Huaxiajie ’s wall-mounted assembly investment promotion "Jiuzheng not only helped us solve the problem of investment promotion, but also how to attract businessmen to help dealers acquire customers and survive. Our brand is promoted online, advertised and promoted! Three birds with one stone! In just three months, we recruited 13 houses, and the results are very good! " rame f rameborder = "0" width = "640" height = "408" src = " rame / player.html? vid = s30123n7xx8" allowfullscreen> rame> Feedback on the investment effect of Nanjing Vosca system doors and windows "We know that Jiuzhen was in September and October last year. Jiuzheng not only provides us with a good platform but also provides good tools. Let us understand how the retail industry will do in the future. How to make dealers profit quickly. Before, we did n’t know how to attract investment and raise business. Jiuzheng not only provided accurate information, but also helped us to cultivate investment teams, so that the team quickly entered the investment stage and successfully attracted 28 companies! ”Dealers: The brand I represent has several stores in this market, and I want to change to another brand to find more competitive products. This conference feels good to me. There are also a lot of factories on the spot. You can directly get factory direct supply prices and preferential investment policies. The choice is large! "" I saw a brand exhibition on the spot before the meeting. Some new products were more interesting, but I was in Acting for other brands. But now the customers want more products. I am thinking of doing one-stop service. The products from these factories can help me. I hope to reach a cooperation. "I came with friends from the market and met with colleagues in other markets. Not only can I understand the development of the industry in our region, but also understand the business situation of everyone. In particular, I can learn new weapons of digital marketing. I am very grateful to the factory and Jiuzheng for providing us with such tools. Do n’t worry about doing activities, promotions, and alliances in the future! No one else has it, others don't, and I don't. Someone has a good job! Some owners have found other products that I want before, I have n’t, and I can bring orders together in the future. I feel that this meeting is very valuable! ”If you want to expand the channel resources of regional distributors, realize blank area investment; Want to stabilize the distributor network in the region and deepen the contact with regional distributors; want to promote the brand accurately, quickly establish sales channels or find more alliance partners! Participating in the "Jiuzheng Merchants 100 City Tour Dealer Conference" will be your Two choices! Next, the "Jiuzheng Touring Dealer Conference" is about to land in core cities such as Jiangxi, Henan, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Hubei, and Guangxi, and sink into key cities and counties. 100+ professional push teams will go deep into various regions Large-scale stores and markets covering each city, one by one market and business visit and promotion, zero distance and face-to-face communication with local dealers, invite precise dealers to participate in the meeting, bring a feast of business opportunities, and help cooperative brands attract investment and solidify Business, help participating dealers to find more high-quality brands, and start a new era of wealth! If you also want to join Jiuzheng Merchants 1 The nationwide team of 00 City has realized digital fission-type investment promotion! At the meeting site: cooperation, exhibition, information distribution, video playback, zero-distance docking with target customers, interactively share (recommend) your brand, pack a trustworthy dealer and Follow the brand image, let you better promote the brand / recruit high-quality good business, contact us quickly to seize the opportunity! Limited places !! Please contact in time !! Long press to identify the following QR code to register!
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