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2019-12-30 Source: Huanggang Real Estate Views: twenty three

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Li Yunhaikou, director of Huaying's design department Design philosophy: Design comes from life and service and life, and knowing life can lead to good design. Design case: "Seduction" 120㎡, Haikou Greenland Sea Forest, Hainan. In this case, the owner loves the color of the space, so the designer used nearly 10 color types in this design. They are distributed in various places in the space, like jumping notes, creating artistic colors space. Longing for life is a manifestation of deep inner desires. In order to meet the owners' unremitting pursuit of beauty, designer Li Yun brings warm and romantic artistic atmosphere to the space through different color renderings. In the design and layout of the guest restaurant Li Yun, the adjacent areas interact and penetrate, so that the living room and the restaurant are united in the same space. It not only guarantees the uniqueness of the individual space, but also further enriches the sense of layering of the space. Living room The main color of the living room is sharp, and the soft decoration colors are bright and dark. Sapphire blue and Chinese red are the main colors of the background wall, with a green sofa, bold and clever use of color, refreshing the expression of modern space design, and the local color changes make the space more modern . Dining room The dining room also extends the color matching of the living room, the overall tone is softer and warmer. The beautiful paintings on the walls, colorful chandeliers, stylish and exquisite card holders ... unique romantic feelings, creating an elegant and relaxed dining atmosphere. The aisle aisle uses simple lines and color changes, progressive layers, extending the three-dimensional sense of space. The floor tiles with clear patterns and the curvy murals at the end of the aisle can better show the taste of the owner. Compared with the uniform white bathroom of public health, the color lattice tiles matched by designer Li Yun can break the aesthetic fatigue and make people shine. The master bedroom is dominated by bright yellow green, pink purple, and navy blue. The colorful colors express the joy and love for life, and make the space full of modern art. Designing with care and tasting life is the design philosophy that designer Li Yun has always adhered to. Every subtle detail has experienced nearly rigorous scrutiny, giving the owner unlimited imagination of beauty, and letting the colors collide with bright sparks in space.
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