Huanggang Prison in Huanggang, Hubei Province Launches Winter Training

2019-12-31 Source: Huanggang Real Estate Network Views: 31

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In order to further improve the ability of prison people's police officers to perform their duties and consolidate the effectiveness of the "big training, big training, and big competition" activities, Huanggang New Window Network (Huanggang Radio and TV reporter Zhan Wei correspondent Huang Weihua) has achieved the purpose of training soldiers, strengthening police, and sharpening swords to make souls. On December 26, Huangzhou Prison in Hubei Province launched a winter military training activity. Huang Yongfeng, Director of the Organization and Propaganda Department of the Political Department of the Provincial Prison Administration, Huang Dingguo, secretary of the Huangzhou Prison Party Committee and prison director Wang Dingguo, and Sun Changsheng, member of the party committee and deputy prison director, observed the long-distance running test at the stadium of Huanggang Normal University.

It is understood that this winter military training lasts for three months and includes mobilization deployment, learning and training, police body skills training, emergency drills by the emergency department, and contests. The men's one-meter and women's 800-meter long-distance running is one of the province's prison system competitions. The total number of civilian police officers under 35 years old (including), newly registered civilian police and military transfer cadres since 2018, and police patrol squadrons of the prison special police team total 85 people. Taken the test.

Taking this winter military training as an opportunity, the provincial Huangzhou prison will combine its own reality, aiming at short board practice, aiming at inadequate practice, and aiming at actual combat training, with the principle of improving the actual combat level, and the goal of maintaining the absolute security and stability of the prison, Strictly organized, strictly trained, and tested the results of winter military training with actual actions. We can do what we can and succeed, and strive to build a regular, professional, and professional high-quality prison people's police team to ensure the safety of one side. In 2019, the prison will achieve the goal of escape without criminals for eighteen consecutive years.

Luo Xiao, a policeman in the 12th Supervision District of Huangzhou Prison in Hubei Province, said: This training is a real test, and I will exercise sports throughout my life and work.

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