Green area between double parks, small elevator apartment, simple, petty bourgeois living

    (整租/押2付3) Rent: 1000 yuan / month (whole lease / charge 2 pay 3)
    Area: 40 square meters Unit type: 1 room, 1 living room, 1 bathroom
    Heading: South Floor: 4th floor / total 4th floor
    Type: Residential Decoration: Hardcover
    House age: please enter the year of construction
    Neighborhood: Longcheng Washington
    Address: West Lake First Road , Huangzhou District (map)
    Listing Features:
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    Property Package:
    Enjoy a good location in the middle of noisy, classic apartment. With independent balcony, the community is well-greened, the property management is standardized, safe and convenient. There is a dedicated parking lot, all warm composite flooring, the whole house is high-grade and fresh, the spacious western-style kitchen, the high-end brand-new overall cabinet, the bathroom is equipped with Yuba, simple, generous , Clean, give you a real home feel, complete furniture, home appliances, hotel-like supporting facilities, home-like warmth, the price of renting, ready to live, suitable for high-quality successful people who love the house!

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    Community Address: West Lake First Road


    Property description map

    Community Name: Longcheng Huafu Project Type: Residential Greening rate: 0%
    Property fee: 0 yuan / square meter · month Property company:
    Developer: Huanggang Haixiang Real Estate Co., Ltd.
    Green area between double parks, small elevator apartment, simple, petty bourgeois living
    该小区出售房源: 581 套该小区出租房源: 236 套 Longcheng Huafu this month's average price: 6497 yuan / sqm Sale of this community: 581 units Rental of this community: 236 units

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