Sanqing Hardcover Large Three-Bedroom Host Sincerely For Lease

    (整租/押2付3) Rent: 1800 yuan / month (whole lease / charge 2 pay 3)
    Area: 118 square meters Unit type: 3 rooms, 2 halls, 1 bathroom
    Heading: South Floor: 0th floor / 7th floor in total
    Type: Residential Decoration: Hardcover
    House age: please enter the year of construction
    Neighborhood: Sanqing International Huacheng (West District)
    Address: No. 26 Zhonghuan Road, Huangzhou District (map)
    Listing Features:
    18972718898 When you call to inquire, please indicate that you saw it on Huanggang Real Estate Network. Make an appointment

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    Property Package:
    Ancillary facilities: Mature and convenient transportation facilities have a high rate of housing 1. The community environment is very good, 2. The landlord is very nice, the house is clean and fresh 3. The transportation is convenient, and the bus is out of the house. 4. Nearby schools, supermarkets, banks, hotels, restaurants are readily available. 5. Complete appliances, check-in. (Air-conditioning. Washing machine. Water heater. TV. Refrigerator. Everything is available.) Cost-effective! As the time limit for renting a house is very short, if you are interested in this house, please call quickly. If you are not interested in this house, please call if you see this. I will help you find a house that suits you quickly, saving you time, worry and effort.

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    Residential Address: No. 26 Middle Ring Road


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    Community Name: Sanqing International Huacheng (West District) project type: Greening rate:%
    Property fee: 0 yuan / square meter · month Property company:
    该小区出售房源: 736 套该小区出租房源: 144 套 Sanqing International Huacheng (Western District) Average price this month: 5506 yuan / sqm Sale of this community: 736 units Rental of this community: 144 units

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