Lixiangxin City, a long-term summer resort in Dabieshan, thousands of miles

小户型 采光好 包物业费 适合居住 交通便利 The school district has a small apartment with good lighting, and the property fee is suitable for living and transportation.

(2391元/平米) 贷款计算器 Price: 220,000 (2391 yuan / square meter) loan calculator
Area: 92 square meters Unit type: 2 rooms, 2 halls
Orientation: North and South Floor: 2nd floor / total 6th floor
Type: Residential Decoration: rough
Room age: 2018
Neighborhood: Lixiangxin City
Address: Shangjie Street , Dahe'an Town, Luotian County, Luotian County (map)
Transportation: Dahe'an Town Passenger Transport Center
Property features: school district room, small unit, good lighting, including property fees, suitable for living, convenient transportation
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Property description

有线电视 宽带 车位 储藏室 Property Matching: Broadband Parking Space for Water and Electric Cable TV
Lixiangxin City is located in Dahe'an Town along the national AAAA Paradise Village, Bodao Peak, and Jinshihe Drifting Scenic Area. The community will perfectly integrate the concept of summer vacation and healthy and happy life to create an ecological and natural green house. The total construction area of the project is 100,000 cubic meters, with a total investment of 150 million yuan. It is hoped that through the creation of the human landscape and the happiness of life, it will bring a garden community in the forest and bloom the colorful beauty of life.
Living here, you can reach Tiantangzhai Scenic Area by car in 30 minutes. The total area of the scenic area is 120 square kilometers, and the main peak is 1729 meters above sea level. It is one of the main peaks of Dabie Mountain. Known as "the last virgin forest in East China, the kingdom of plants, the ocean of flowers" and other reputations. Follow the steps up the stairs, watch flowers, listen to water, taste mountains, and play butterflies, and fully integrate yourself into nature. You can also relive the arduous historical stories of the Dabieshan Revolution that year along the Red Tourism Line. The altitude here is between 1000-1075, and the average temperature in the hot summer is 22 degrees. A 15-minute walk from the town, Yangtianwo primary forest can be reached within 500 meters. With 400,000 towering trees, the pure natural oxygen bar is within easy reach. The content of negative oxygen ions in the air is as high as 25000-28000 / cm3, which is 100 times that of Wuhan. Between tuna, it's all natural; between pitch, it's all heaven and earth, and you can enjoy the feast of negative oxygen ions at your doorstep. Forest is our only waiter.
When the city lost its four seasons in the haze, set off from Wuhan by car and sang to the lush landscape. After two and a half hours, you can see the town. There is no fatigue, only the comfort and relaxation of the journey. The wind here can blow away the haze in my heart, and the sky here is pure in my heart.

Property description

Lixiangxin City, a long-term summer resort in Dabieshan, thousands of miles

Property description

Community Address: Shangtian Street, Dahe'an Town, Luotian

Bus: Dahe'an Town Passenger Transport Center

Property description

Community Name: Lixiangxin City project type: Greening rate:%
Property fee: 0 yuan / square meter · month Property company:
该小区出售房源: 30 套该小区出租房源: 0 套 Li Xiangxin City this month's average price: 2446 yuan / square meter This community sells listings: 30 sets of this community rental listings: 0 sets

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