(Sale) It is close to two small hardcover three rooms, and the taxes and fees are at least five. It can be booked at any time, and the transportation is convenient.

    (5526元/平米) 贷款计算器 Price: 630,000 (5526 yuan / square meter) loan calculator
    Area: 114 square meters Unit type: 3 rooms, 2 halls, 2 bathrooms
    Towards: Floor: 0th floor / total 0th floor
    Type: Residential Decoration: Hardcover
    Room age: years
    Neighborhood: Sunshine City
    Address: Luotian County (map)
    Listing Features:
    19986820332 When you call to inquire, please indicate that you saw it on Huanggang Real Estate Network. Make an appointment

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    Property Package:
    The company has a large number of rooms in Luotian area, please contact us. Unit type: 3 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 2 bathrooms Decoration: Fine decoration Direction: North-South transparent, living room facing south, balcony floor View: low-rise building area: 114 square meters Owner mentality

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    Residential address:


    Property description map

    Community Name: Sunshine City Project Type: Residential Greening rate: 0%
    Property fee: 0 yuan / square meter · month Property company:
    Developer: Luotian Guoguang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    该小区出售房源: 74 套该小区出租房源: 34 套 Sunshine City's average price this month: 4350 yuan / sqm

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