(Sale) Jinqiao Ginza Elevator in Jinqiao Avenue, three hardcover rooms, furniture and appliances

    (6476元/平米) 贷款计算器 Price: 680,000 (6476 yuan / square meter) loan calculator
    Area: 105 square meters Unit type: 3 rooms, 2 halls, 1 bathroom
    Towards: Floor: 0th floor / total 0th floor
    Type: Residential Decoration: Hardcover
    Room age: years
    Neighborhood: Jinqiao Ginza
    Address: Macheng (map)
    Listing Features:
    15872375433 When calling, please indicate that you saw it on Huanggang Real Estate Network. Make an appointment

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    Property Package:
    Real estate, sincere service, consistent. 1. The apartment is square, the master bedroom faces south, and the living room has a balcony. 2. North and South are transparent, with excellent lighting and plenty of light. 3. Exquisite decoration, reasonable structural design, no unnecessary waste of 4.70 years of property rights, two years of property rights certificates are clear, and meet market transaction conditions. As long as you call, you can take you to the scene to see the house at any time.

    Property description map

    Residential address:


    Property description map

    Community Name: Jinqiao Ginza Project Type: Residential Greening rate: 0%
    Property fee: 0 yuan / square meter · month Property company:
    该小区出售房源: 37 套该小区出租房源: 3 套 Jinqiao Ginza Average price this month: 6081 yuan / sqm

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